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Concours d’art oratoire

April 22, 2016


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Students recently took to the podium to demonstrate their French language skills as part of the annual Concours d'art oratoire, hosted by the North Vancouver School District and the North Vancouver chapter of Canadian Parents for French. Every year, students from throughout the school district take part in this well recognized French public speaking competition. Students hone their oral French and public speaking skills to compete first at the school level and then, for the winners from the schools, at the district finals. District level winners will then earn a spot to compete at provincials. Secondary level students who win top spots at provincials will travel to the national capital to compete for scholarships and other prizes in the national competition held at the University of Ottawa.


"The French Immersion program in our school district is vibrant, successful and very meaningful for our students, staff and families. The Concours d'art oratoire is a celebration of our commitment to first class French language instruction and an honouring of one of Canada's official languages," said Dr. Joanne Robertson, Director of Instruction, Learning Services, North Vancouver School District.


This year's North Vancouver School District finals were held on April 13th and 14th at the Education Services Centre. Thirty-eight students from 10 schools competed. Topics ranged from preserving forests, to supporting education for girls around the world, to noise pollution.


"I was blown away, once again, by the powerful speeches the students delivered. Not only did their French language skills shine, but they spoke to issues that are really important to them. They were able to convey their passions while utilizing their French," said Emina Dervisevic, president, North Vancouver chapter of Canadian Parents for French.


The competition was steep and in the end 13 school district winners were selected. This year's finalists are:



  • Francophone 6e:                  Hannah Fitzpatrick (Cleveland)
  • Late Immersion 6e:              Kian Vahidi (Braemar)
  • Immersion 6e:                       Claire Ambrozic (Cleveland)
  • Late Immersion 7e:              Jazlyn Bal (Boundary)
  • Immersion 7e:                       Stefania Stirban (Cleveland)



  • Immersion 8e:                       Nia Wagner (Handsworth)
  • Francophone 8e:                  Max Richards (Argyle)
  • Immersion 9e:                       Nora Goddart-Despot (Handsworth)
  • Francophone 9e:                  Sophie Crow (Argyle)
  • Immersion 10e:                     Lewis Arnold (Handsworth)
  • Francophone 10e:               Raluca Ciobanu (Argyle)
  • Immersion 11e:                     Matthew Wilson (Handsworth)
  • Immersion 12e:                     Josianne Haag (Argyle)


These students will now compete at the Concours d'art oratoire  provincials on May 7th at Simon Fraser University Surrey campus. For details of the event, visit the Canadian Parents for French website at