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Supporting students and families in our community

October 06, 2022


October 6, 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

The North Vancouver School District is mindful there are students and families in our community right now who due to increased cost of living expenses are struggling financially. 

We are therefore pleased to share that through the Ministry of Education and Child Care's Student and Family Affordability Fund, the school district has been allocated approximately $1.4M in one-time grant funding to support families in our community. 

This one-time funding support will be allocated towards school-related expenses including: 

  • School/course supplies
  • Clothing/footwear
  • Family food security (groceries)
  • Basic necessities (not including food)
  • Athletic wear (for school athletics)
  • PAC hot lunch
​​In the coming weeks, we will be sharing information on how you can confidentially request support.

In the interim, the school district has made available to all schools an allotment of gift cards to help families with food security (i.e. purchase groceries). To request this support, please reach out and connect in confidence with your child's school principal. 

The school district is grateful to the Ministry of Education and Child Care for recognizing the financial struggle families across the province are facing and providing this support. 

Please look for a follow-up message from my office in the next week regarding how you can request support for the expenses referenced above.


Dr. Pius Ryan
Superintendent of Schools