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Nov 14
Take our Kids to Work Day

By Lisa Dalla Vecchia, Communications Manager

On Wednesday, November 2, Grade 9 students across the school district participated in Take our Kids to Work Day. 

An initiative started in 1994 by the Learning Partnership, this day is considered one of largest career exploration events held across the country, with more than 250,000 students and 75,000 organizations participating.

The day provides students an opportunity to experience and appreciate the careers and roles of parent/guardian, relative or friend, and learn more about the various pathways one can take to achieve career-related goals.

From the experience, students begin to think about careers, the steps needed to reach a particular career goal, and the importance of building connections through networking. 

At the Education Services Centre, three students from Seycove, Sutherland and Carson Graham participated. I had the good fortune of welcoming a Grade 9 student to spend the day with me and understand the field of communications.


The day began at 9 a.m. sharp with the student meeting with the Superintendent. Dr. Ryan spoke about his role, the scope and variety of opportunities within the school district, and the role of public schooling in society. The meeting ended with Dr. Ryan sharing, “I am super impressed with the young people of the NVSD!”

After a tour of the building, which included introductions to the various departments and teams, the student met with one of our directors of instruction. Dr. White spoke about the importance of being open to possibilities and how happenstance can positively impact one’s career choices.

The day also involved hands-on experience, creating social media posts and listening in on operational and planning meetings. I did find that by having a student be a part of the day-to-day, I gleaned interesting insights that will be used to improve our communications practice.

We sincerely hope that by participating in these types of initiatives, we help spark students’ curiosity. As Dr. White shared, “When you are successful 20-30 years down the road, think of this moment as one that may have supported your journey.” We certainly hope that is the case.


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