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Jun 21
NVSD Elementary Track Meet returns!

​By Lisa Dalla Vecchia, Communications Manager

After a two-year break, the much anticipated North Vancouver School District Elementary Track Meet returned to Swangard Stadium on Tuesday, June 7.


The track meet saw 26 elementary schools participate (all 25 NVSD schools, plus École André-Piolat). In total, 1,133 athletes (Grades 4 – 7) competed in sprint, long distance and relay races; long jump, high jump and triple jump; and shot put.

There was a definite buzz in the air that beautiful sunny morning, which began with the Ridgeway Band, led by Mr. Voth, warming up on the track. While the band practiced to songs including the Mickey Mouse March and Yellow Submarine, students, along with coaches and school staff, excitedly gathered, waiting to take a welcome lap around the track.

When the students took to the track, there were big smiles, excited chatter and a roar from the stands, which were filled with families and staff cheering on the students.


The Indigenous Education team then performed the Coast Salish Anthem, followed by Superintendent Dr. Pius Ryan welcoming all to the track meet, and Event Organizer, Principal Tim MacLeod, sharing information about how the day would unfold.

The rest of the day could be best summed up as awesome display of athleticism and positive and supportive play among students. While I certainly cannot speak for all, I think it safe to say hearts were bursting with joy and pride.

A sincere thank you to all the student volunteers (36 in total), staff volunteers (92), coaches, and families who came out to support students, schools and school-based sport, which is an integral part of what makes schools vibrant, healthy learning communities.


A special thanks goes to Teacher Heather Duncan, who is chair of the North Vancouver Elementary Athletics Association and who has put in countless hours behind the scenes in support of school sport.



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