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May 28
Asian Heritage Month at Handsworth Secondary

By Mme Lew, Teacher Librarian, Handsworth Secondary.

To celebrate Asian Heritage Month, the Handsworth Library Learning Commons created a bilingual display to raise awareness about the month’s meaning, in addition to showcasing resources from a wide variety of authors of Asian descent.


The display features facts about Asian-Canadian communities, and highlights the many achievements of notable Asian-Canadians. Nevertheless, it’s hard to celebrate this month without acknowledging the increase in anti-Asian racism in Canada.

Aria Duggan, a grade 10 student of Cantonese descent, felt compelled to act. As a youth ambassador for the Asian Gold Ribbon campaign, she created dozens of golden ribbon pins, which were distributed among classmates and staff to demonstrate visible solidarity against anti-Asian racism. Aria has inspired Handsworth to keep this tradition going for future months of May!



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