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Feb 25
Sutherland's New Career Course Offerings

By Jennifer Kinakin, Teacher, Sutherland Secondary

In our new five-week long Career 8 course, students work on four mini units that are geared to an overall theme of “How we are connected." Students learn how our individual traits build the communities in which we live. The course invites students to wonder about their potential future roles and how to engage meaningfully with their world. It has yielded some thoughtful and inspiring student projects.

Time Magazine Projects. Students explore potential career pathways, become creative storytellers and learn how to use editing tools, by predicting what their lives will look like 10-15 years into the future.

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Working on teamwork, communication and problem solving skills by incorporating a bit of engineering!

Pay It Forward/Community Awareness Initiatives. There were many ways students reached out. Examples include:

Students Sophie H. and Charlotte D. organized a very successful community run (paying special attention to COVID protocols) to raise funds for Breast Cancer research. Over $2,000 was raised, and their efforts reached both local and global communities.

Because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, Charlotte and I came up with the idea to plan a run for our Sutherland community. My mom is a recent breast cancer survivor as well, and so this made this project even more meaningful to me. Charlotte and I gathered information and found out that we could create a charity webpage for the BC Cancer Foundation. --  Sophie H.


Watching people rinse off and dump hazardous materials down the storm drains moved a student group into action. Devon O. and Rachel L. connected with The Pacific Streamkeepers Federation to help them with the resources needed to build an awareness campaign by painting “little yellow fish" on streets around their neighbourhoods. They plan on continuing this initiative when the warm weather returns – casting a wider net of awareness.


Masih C. created an inspiring PowerPoint with the key message, “People with Down ’s syndrome may look different and sound different and act different, but they want to be treated the same way as everyone else.”  Staff were invited to share this presentation with their students, and it created a rich school connection.


Having only outdoor space to have some fun between classes has inspired a group of students to “beautify” Sutherland’s outdoor basketball court. Akira D., Imran D., Keston T., Biden L., and London P. will be working with the school principal and Facilities and Maintenance staff to get a metal net and a few painted lines. The project will complete when the warmer weather returns.


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