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Dec 10
Queen Mary Elementary turns 106

Queen Mary-8547.jpg
Queen Mary Community Elementary.

By Jennifer Wilson, Principal

On November 25, Queen Mary turned 106!

In honour of this event, our PAC shared their support by planning a week-long celebration for our school community, with themed dress-up days for each day of the week.

Our amazing families sold Queen Mary-branded masks and clothing, printed with our school logo, in advance of Queen Mary’s birthday. Students and staff dressed in our school colours or came to school decked out in QM logo gear.

Over the course of the week, students and staff also enjoyed Crazy Hair and Socks Day, Book or Movie Character Dress-up Day, Pyjama Day, and Wacky Tacky Day. The celebration was a success and a perfect way to boost spirits for our school community.
QM 12.jpg
A Grade 6 student sports a branded Queen Mary mask and sweatshirt.

Queen Mary 32.jpg
A Queen Mary teacher disguised as a lion from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, on Book Character Day.
Queen Mary 2.jpg
A Grade 4 Queen Mary student dressed up for Wacky Tacky Day.


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