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Nov 03
Carson climate protectors develop smart phone plan
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A phone-case recycling box has been set up outside the main office of Carson Graham Secondary by members of the Environmental and Climate Club.

By Grade 12 student Mary England and the Carson Graham Secondary Environmental and Climate Club

The change in the climate is already affecting all of our lives.

From rising waters to intense wildfires, to name just a few, the global warming trend will have detrimental – if not irreversible – effects on our world.

Carson’s Environmental and Climate Club was revamped in 2018 to increase student awareness and accept the challenge of making a change.

Club members recognize small-scale cumulative action can have a huge impact on changing the effects of global warming.

Upon observation, we noticed a commonality among all students: the possession of a smartphone.

In addressing this trend, the club decided to start a school awareness program focused on recycling smartphone cases after their use.

On average, an individual buys a phone every two years, and the amount of plastic used to make these phone cases is astronomical. When these phones and phone cases are not recycled, there is a huge risk of toxic chemicals entering our ecosystem.

We hope, by starting this initiative, our generation and generations to follow learn the importance of recycling not only smartphone cases, but also the phones themselves.

In addition, many screen protectors and other phone accessories are mostly made of plastic, and should also be properly recycled.

The goal is to not have these phone cases thrown in the trash. Outside the main Carson office, we have set up a phone-case recycling box.

We currently have collected 33 phone cases, which will be delivered to the company Eco-Train for their Case Recovery Program.

Eco-Train specializes in the promotion of eco-friendly products while co-ordinating material recovery programs to eliminate waste.

Carson’s donated phone cases will be composted when able, recycled, and used for energy – as well as research and development.

To restate: Our club hopes to bring awareness to students, their families, and future generations about the importance of recycling your phone case, and all other items, in order to save our earth. 


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