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Aug 21
Carson Graham choir elevates female voices

by Frank Lee, Carson Graham Secondary choir director

Carson Graham Secondary's Equal Voice choir showcases the voices of an auditioned group of students from grades 9 to 12.

The greatest joy of this class is communicating a message or story through song.

I came across this piece of music, "What Happens When a Woman," from a group called Artemisia out of Chicago and we found the lyrics, melody and body percussion culminated in something that was a lot of fun to learn.

We decided to take another step and discuss women in our world who are making a difference and helping students feel empowered.

We were also fortunate to have a Canadian gem, Dawn Pemberton, add her beautiful voice as a soloist.  

We had a few people involved putting this project together. Will Clements, a student from Capilano University, gathered all of the audio from the singers and put the piece together.

carson choirCapture.JPG

Equal Voice singers give a virtual performance of "What Happens When a Woman."

Carson Graham alumnus Khim Hipol put the video together with some help from Stephen Plitt to finish combining everything.  

This has been a wonderful opportunity to celebrate some special people in our lives who make a profound impact globally.

Although these virtual choir projects are not the same as live performances, it has given a platform for our youth to have a voice. 




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