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Jun 18
The power of school planning

By Arlene Martin, Director of Instruction, North Vancouver School District


I am incredibly excited about the energy and authentic attention that schools are giving to the creation of school plans and goals that engage their communities and reflect each school's unique strengths and needs. Schools are reaching new levels of engagement. They are seeking genuine feedback from students, staff, parents and community partners.


As one parent put it, "Allowing hard truths from students and families to nudge us to adjust school goals."  




Repeatedly, there have been comments from our school communities that reinforced the new reality that school plans have meaning; they carry forward a co-created vision and unite school communities. A school plan is a living, changing document that will change not only once a year, but as needed. I love the willingness to take risks, be vulnerable and embrace ongoing change.


I feel very privileged to work with schools to support their school planning processes.


Want to see your school plan? All of the plans are posted to the School Planning section of District Educational Planning website.

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