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May 14
Handsworth Celebrates 20th Voyage of Tall Ship Sailing with SALTS

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Tall Ship Sailing with SALTS has become a coveted tradition at Handsworth Secondary, with this year marking the celebration of the 20th voyage for students and staff. Over one thousand Handsworth students, grads, and alumni have been fortunate enough to participate in this unique and amazing experience.

Students about to dock the tall ship at Burrard Dry Dock pier in North Vancouver at Lonsdale Quay.

To commemorate this anniversary, SALTS made a special arrangement to have the voyage start in Victoria and end in North Vancouver at the Lonsdale Quay. This is the first time that SALTS has changed the arrival destination for any high school.

The prospect of the one-way voyage was a very exciting addition to this already inspirational and environmentally educational experience.

SALTS View on Ship 01.jpgSALTS_02_IMG_1481 copy.JPG
Views onboard the tall ship​ ​

The five-day, four-night journey gave students the opportunity to sail around the coastline of Victoria before heading across the Gulf Islands and Georgia Straight to their final destination, docking at Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver.

Students were fully immersed and engaged in sailing life during the five-days, learning how to make knots, set and lower sails, chart their bearings, maintain the ship, and participate in the community.

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Sleeping quarters where students rested during the voyage

Due to demand from students, the group has been using both tall ships for the last fifteen years. The Grace is a slightly smaller version of the famous Canadian schooner 'Bluenose' and is depicted on the back of the Canadian dime. The second tall ship, The Swift, is a replica of an east coast Privateers boat and has the distinctive cross-shaped yards off the main masts.

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As the ship finished pulling into the Burrard Dry Dock Pier at Lonsdale Quay, one student exclaimed excitedly to her mother, “Mom, I got to dock the ship!”.

The sheer excitement and positivity was radiating from the students who were completing the last leg of their five-day journey.

The trip was a fantastic success, with many students uncovering a love and passion for sailing that will continue onwards with them. With the smell of salt water still fresh in the air, it’s easy to see how this experience is truly life changing for those aboard the ship.


A student who took part in the journey shared "I am so glad I got to experience sailing on the high seas!", while another said she “loved the food and conversations during the mealtime!"

To learn more about the SALTS trip for students, please visit this link or check out the SALTS website here. Sign up for next year’s trip will start at the end of May!


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