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Feb 08
Seycove Rocks!
By Lorrie Welch, Teacher, Seycove Secondary

I have a high energy group of students in Science 8 and have found that making things has a calming effect as we wait for everyone to finish a task before moving on to the next topic. Recently we painted rocks. While I was looking at videos for rock painting ideas, I discovered that some people hide their painted rocks in public areas to bless and encourage others. I asked our Principal if we could do this at Seycove and she agreed. 

SeycoveRock1.png SeycoveRocks.png

Two weeks ago, several of the students hid rocks throughout the school. Students who found the rocks received a Welch’s fruit snack and had the option of keeping the rock if they liked it. I was surprised to find that students from Grade 8 to Grade 12 enjoyed the activity. They would come into my classroom shouting, “I found a rock!”


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