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Nov 08
Shogun Burry - Indigenous Student Profile
Shogun Burry
Nation: Tsawwassen
School: Eslha7an

Shogun is from the Tsawwassen First Nation. As a Grade 12 student at Eslha7an Learning Centre, he is currently completing the required course load for the Adult Dogwood Program. Shogun is a caring and considerate student and is always willing to help. He has a wonderful sense of humour and an amazing imagination. His favourite courses are PE and Earth Science. Shogun is extremely active and loves new adventures. He is interested in the environment and enjoys spending time exploring nature. Shogun loves learning through the cultural activities at Eslha7an; anything he can build, make, or create with a cultural lens definitely holds his interest. 

Outside of school, Shogun enjoys hanging-out outdoors with his friends and playing video games, especially virtual reality games. Shogun transferred from Seycove Secondary School in October last year. Since starting at Eslha7an, Shogun’s attendance has been stellar, and he has made tremendous improvements in learning self-regulation strategies. Eventually, Shogun would like to travel to Los Angeles to become an actor, but in the meantime he wants to work in construction. Shogun hopes to complete his courses by January 2019 and attend the Squamish Nation Trade Centre Construction Program.


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