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Jul 04
Sphero makes coding fun

Sphero1.jpg  Sphero2.jpg

On the floor, in little groupings around the library, kindergarten and grade one students at Cove Cliff Elementary School are building. They are stacking, lining-up and arranging coloured foam and wood blocks into various configurations.

"We can put little blocks together to make larger squares," a little girl explains excitedly to her building partner.


The students are using their imagination to create pathways for a ball called "Sphero". Sphero is a robotic ball with its movement controlled by programing done on a computer, tablet or smartphone. The students are first physically building pathways for Sphero and then they are digitally building its path via programing.

"We're building the path for Sphero and then the iPad controls the ball," a little boy explains.

The entire school is partaking in coding by using Sphero, with activities tailored for each grade and skill level.


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