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Planning for 2021 and beyond
​​​​​​​What is strategic planning? 

The North Vancouver School District’s 10-year strategic plan ends in 2021. This plan was created throughout the 2010/11 school year and was a highly consultative process involving all stakeholders.

The 2011-2021 Strategic Plan has formed the backbone for the North Vancouver School District’s operations and guides the decisions that the Board of Education makes at a governance level. With the plan coming to an end, it is time to reflect on what we have achieved and determine where we need to place focus next. 

The school district has a Vision and Values that drive where we want to go and who we want to be. We also have strategic goals​ (see pages 14 - 27 of our 2011-2021 Strategic Plan document​ for detailed information). The strategic goals are the HOW – they are the ways in which the school district strives to achieve its Vision. ​It is the strategic goals that we are reflecting on. The current goals have directed the school district for the past decade. Now, together, we are creating new strategic goals to guide the school district over the next decade.

The North Vancouver School District would like to ensure participation from all stakeholders in the creation of new strategic goals that will guide the school district from 2021 onward. It is important for the entire school district community to take part in the strategic planning process, so that the collective goals are reflective of all stakeholders' needs. The strategic planning process has been designed to offer a wide variety of opportunities for the community to provide input. Online engagement will be paired with in-person strategic planning sessions.

Below is a high-level timeline ​of completed and upcoming engagement opportunities. Additional information will be shared with the ​North Vancouver School District community as each participation opportunity nears.

Click HERE to learn more about the 2021-2031 Strategic Plan draft goals and operational statements and how you can provide input. 

Engagement opportunity
November 13, 2019

In-person, facilitated consultation. This large, three-hour strategic planning session will bring roughly 360 people together from all schools in the North Vancouver School District. Participants have already been selected for this session.

November 27, 2019


The North Vancouver Parent Advisory Council will host a one-hour, facilitated strategic planning session. All parents are invited to attend. 7 p.m. at the Education Services Centre (2121 Lonsdale Ave, 5th floor).

 December 4, 2019


The District Student Leadership Council will host a one-hour, facilitated strategic planning session for the entire District Student Leadership Council.

January 9 to February 7, 2020


The entire community is invited to provide input, and engage with input provided by others, through the online engagement tool Thoughtexchange.

January 18, 2020

The entire community is invited to a public open house to provide their input and to engage with the input already provided by others. 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Drop-in format. Education Services Centre (2121 Lonsdale Ave, 5th floor).

March 3, 2020

In-person, facilitated consultation. This large, four-hour strategic planning session will bring back together the 360 people who attended the November 13, 2019 event. This session will focus on reviewing the feedback provided to date, grouping the feedback into key themes and identifying where there is shared understanding.

January 26 to February 12, 2021

The online engagement tool Thoughtexchange​ will be used to present back to the community the draft goals that will shape the 2021-2031 strategic plan. The community will be asked to reflect on if anything needs to be adjusted, added or considered further.


The North Vancouver School District will report back to the community on the 2011-21 Strategic Plan.

June to September 2021

The new strategic plan will be presented to the community.