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Diversity and Multiculturalism

Public education plays a critical role in fostering an environment that promotes understanding, tolerance and inclusivity; where all feel welcome, that their voices are heard, and that their varied history and experiences are reflected in our collective learning. 

In 2020, the Ministry of Education announced its intent to strengthen curriculum ties so students continue to learn about B.C.'s rich cultural history, and more specifically, Black history. Through its Keep Learning website, the provincial government has compiled resources to support families talk to their children about race, tolerance and inclusion.

As partners in your child's learning, having these conversations can also help your child develop their social awareness and responsibility, which is one of the core competencies in B.C.'s curriculum.

Resources to help:

Raising an ally: How to talk to your child about the death of George Floyd, anti-Black racism: Global News article on why it is important for Canadian parents/caregivers to talk to their children about racism, especially white parents. Includes related links and videos.

How to talk to kids about racism: An age-by-age guide: Today's Parent article on appropriate discussions for different ages from infancy to teens.

How to Teach Racial Acceptance: Parents Canada article on ways to respond to racism at home and at school.

Kids Learn about Race Younger Than You Think. Talk to Them Before That: HuffPost Canada article on talking to your child and why it's important. Includes relevant links.

How to talk to kids about race and racism: From the Adoptive Families Association of B.C., a parent reflects on how children notice differences and offers suggestions for developing a home environment that values diversity.

Talking to kids about hate in media: Media Smarts article and tip sheet on how to help children deal with news stories on hate crimes.

Common Sense Media Resources about Race and Racism: Articles and media recommendations to help parents/caregivers and educators talk to kids about racism. Links to Spanish resources are included.

#DifferentTogether: Join Me in Opposing Racism: Lieutenant Governor of B.C. invites citizens to pledge to oppose racism.

Additional Resources:

Erase or expect respect & a safe education is all about building safe and caring school communities. This includes empowering students, families, educators and the community partners who support them to get help with challenges, report concerns to schools, and learn about complex issues facing students.

Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network. The Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network will offer a multi-faceted, province-wide approach with greater focus and leadership in identifying and challenging racism. The program will connect communities with the information, supports and training they need to respond to and prevent future incidents of racism and hate.

Ministry of Education Updates:

Joint statement on Black Shirt Day​

New community round table to tackle racism in B.C. schools

Minister and K-12 education partners' statement of support for anti-racism