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Mar 07
Capilano student takes action

By Jeeniece Chand, Principal

capilano and grade 7 student ella.jpegBefore the Winter Break, IB Coordinator Mr. Kaboli read stories and discussed with students what it means to take action. The intent in sharing through story was to highlight the many ways learners can take action so they can expand their learning from the written curriculum to lived curriculum.

Grade 7 student Ella was inspired to take action over the Winter Break. The Capilano school community was so inspired with her remarkable action that I wanted to take a moment to share her work more broadly—and in her own words—in the hopes it motivates others.

My name is Ella, and I'm in Grade 7 at Capilano. On January 1, 2023, I shaved my head and donated my hair to Wigs for Kids. I also raised $8,695 for the Canadian Cancer Society.

I decided to shave my head because I really wanted to donate my hair, but I didn't have the 8 inches needed unless I shaved it. So, I shaved it!

People I know have had cancer, and my Baba (grandpa) passed away when I was young from multiple myeloma.

I think it's important to find a cure. I'm only 12, which makes me a kid, and I am still able to make a difference! I hope I can inspire other kids to donate money, hair, or time, and we can all help each other.

We are so proud of you Ella! Keep up the tremendous work of taking action and showing care for others.

capilano and grade 7 student ella 2.jpeg


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