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Feb 28
Ross Road's Cozy Clothes Day

​By Lisa Dalla Vecchia, Communications Manager

January 2023 - Ross Road Elementary’s EnviroClub hosted a Cozy Clothes Day for the school community.

The club is working hard to make Ross Road greener by reducing its overall carbon footprint.

Throughout the year, club members (Grade 4 to 7 students) plan and organize initiatives designed to draw awareness to the importance of environmental stewardship and inspire all to realize even the littlest actions collectively, can have a great impact.

Cozy Clothes Day is one of several initiatives the EnviroClub enjoys championing. This year, students and staff were encouraged to wear the coziest (i.e., warmest) clothes, which allowed the school to turn down the thermostat, use less fuel, and of course, reduce its carbon footprint. Students also shared tips on how this can happen at home.


Club members agree they achieved the goals they had set out for themselves—creating awareness and changing behaviour—and are now driven to do even more for the next Cozy Clothes Day.

In the meantime, the Ross Road community can expect to hear more from the EnviroClub, by way of a Marker & Pen Recycling Day, Lights Out Day, a campaign to encourage the use of reusable utensils, and garden and tree-planting activities.

I think we can all agree, the Ross Road EnviroClub members are doing great things, and we look forward to learning more from their good work.


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