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Jul 05
Queen Mary awarded 2022 Living City Award

By Lisa Dalla Vecchia, Communications Manager

Queen Mary Community Elementary School has received a 2022 Living City Award from the City of North Vancouver for its leadership in the areas of urban agriculture and education and awareness.

According to the City of North Vancouver, "the Living City Award Program recognizes the efforts of individuals, schools, community groups and businesses demonstrating outstanding leadership in environmental sustainability. The awards are an important part of the City’s environmental sustainability program and provide a means of supporting and fostering environmental leadership."

At Queen Mary Community Elementary, teachers, staff, families and community partners are integrating sustainable food systems education into their school culture and curriculum.

Dry River Area Play 1.png

Working collaboratively, the Queen Mary community has developed, implemented and shared innovative food systems education through which environmental, health and Indigenous ways of knowing are interwoven to teach local sustainable food systems and environmental stewardship.

One example of the school community’s work is the Herbalist Club, where students engage with indigenous plants and their traditional uses while working with Indigenous support workers to grow these plants in their garden space.

Garden Vegetables grown by students.jpgLearning with nature .jpg

Through this innovative work, the Queen Mary community has demonstrated how student and community benefits grow out of integrating outdoor, hands-on interactive lessons with traditional place-based knowledge.

Students and staff are cultivating change in the classroom, and creating long-term benefits for the people and surrounding natural environment of Queen Mary.

Congratulations Queen Mary Community Elementary School! What a great way to end the school year.

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