École Handsworth Secondary
North Vancouver School District
​Band Teacher David Bradshaw
Strings Teacher​
Junior Blue Jazz Teacher
Sab Kabok

For more information on these or any other roles in the HMPA, contact our current Chair, Kathleen Whyte kjwhyte@sd44.ca



Kathleen Whyte


​Admin Support
Bottle Drives Cathy Floe & Gordon Floe
​Bottle Drive Transition Team

​Bottle Drive Helper
​Tere Alvarez
​Bottle Drive Helper
​Bottle Drive Lunch Coordinator
​Concert Set-Up
​Concert Set-Up

​Concert Set-Up

​Concert Supervisor
​Elena Fleming
​Concert Assistant
Display Cases
Fundraising - Purdy's   
HPAC Liaison ​Elena Fleming
Instrument Rentals Judith Nitsch
​Photographer - Senior
​Photographer - Intermediate
​Jenny Liu
​Photographer - Junior
​Jenny Liu
Poster Creation ​Ian Scott-Hallan
Poster Distribution Kit To
Programs ​Carolyn Harnell
​School Website Liaison​Carolyn Harnell
Student Accounts Joanna Kruger
​Sweet Music CoordinatorKit To
​Sweet Music Transition Team
​Sweet Music Assistant
​Karin Kirkpatrick
​Sweet Music Bake Sale Coordinator
​Lily McGraw
​Sweet Music Fundraising Coordinator
​Sweet Music Front-of-House Coordinator
​Sweet Music Back-of-House Coordinator
Ticket Sellers
Ticket Sellers
​Treasurer​Joanna Kruger
​Uniforms Ai Chen Ng
Uniforms ​Jeanne Horck
​Volunteer Coordinator
​General Volunteer
​Kim Osborne
​General Volunteer
​Myriam Le May