École Handsworth Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Principal's Message

Dear Handsworth Families:

Welcome back! The school year is now underway, and the first weeks have been filled with energy and excitement as our students make new friends, meet new teachers, engage in extracurricular activities and settle into their routines. With so much activity at Handsworth, I encourage you to keep informed with the most up to date information by visiting our school website: http://www.sd44.ca/school/handsworth .

The theme we will be focusing on at Handsworth this year is "Making Learning Visible". A few of the initiatives we will explore include moving to a student survey model called "Tell Them from Me/Our School“ - this survey will allow us to monitor several leading indicators that will help us understand student engagement in all facets of the school and help shape our practices. We will dive even deeper into the new curriculum and explore different models to showcase student progress by working at the school and district level exploring the ways to report on the self-assessment of the core competencies found in the new curriculum. 

We have started the process to re-vamp our library into a vibrant and dynamic learning commons. Making learning visible is a culmination of the themes staff have focused on over the last few years, and we hope to showcase this with the transformation of a space used by our entire school community of approximately 1620 students and staff. We will create a space that inspires conversation, curiosity and collaboration and makes learning visible. 

We will follow the principles of design thinking and will be looking for students, parents and faculty to lend their ideas and expertise to the transformation process. We are hoping to raise the funds that will be required to support this initiative. Most of the expenses will be associated with the furniture and technology that is needed to support such a significant transformation. I thank you in advance for your generosity and commitment to supporting excellence in public education and invite you to discuss our visioning and implementation process. 

It is a privilege to join the Handsworth family. I am extremely excited for the school year ahead and look forward to meeting all of you. 


Rupi Samra-Gynane, Principal