École Handsworth Secondary
North Vancouver School District

2021-2022 School Year - September Start Up Forms

CONSENT FORMS including the Daily Health Check forms are available online effective September 1, 2021 at the following link School Cash On Line (KEV)

Please print the following forms, complete, sign and have your student return them to the boxes outside the main office as soon as possible.

Student Release.png

Student Release Form - Secondary.pdf

SCHOOL FEES will be available for payment online effective October 1, 2021.   Instructions to register for online payment are available at the following link:  School Cash On Line (KEV)


Student Extended Absences for family holidays or for other non-medical reasons.


Extended Absence.png

Athletic Registration Forms

Students who wish to participate on a Handsworth School Team are required to complete 6 Athletics Registration Forms, and return the to their Coach.

1.  Student Code of Conduct     2. Student Awareness of Risk      3. Informed Consent     4. Student Medical Form

5.  Athletic Citizenship     6.  Concussion Awareness Signoff Sheet

Click here for the Athletics Registration Forms

Daily Health Checklist

Covid-19 Daily Health Checklist:  https://www.sd44.ca/COVID-19/dailyhealthcheck/Pages/default.aspx#/=

Field Trips Consent Forms

Informed Consent Multi Day Field Trip.pdf

Informed Consent Multi-day field trip.doc

Field Trip Notification form - Handsworth.pdf

Walking Field Trip consent forms are completed on-line through your student's Cash-on-Line Account.
Please click HERE for more information about the on-line Walking Field Trip consent form and the link to Cash-on-Line.

Grade 9 Take Our Kids To Work (TOKW)

Virtual month long event

Beginning Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Click HERE for Take Our Kids to Work TOKW 2021 Resources

Grade 12 Grad Transitions:

Community Connections- Grad Transition 30hrs.pdfCommunity Connections- Grad Transition​s 30 hours (work or volunteer)


Medical Alerts

The Medical Alert guidelines have been updated as of August 2020, for more information please check HERE.

There are students in school who may have a physician diagnosed, potentially life-threatening medical condition, and may require emergency care by school staff. This is referred to as a Medical Alert Condition. The purpose of this document is to provide parents/guardians, students, administrators and school staff with guidelines for the development of the Medical Alert List and for managing the emergency plans for life-threatening medical conditions. Parents/guardians, students and staff all have a shared responsibility for keeping students safe at school.

Please complete a Medical Alert Plan(s) if your student has any of the following conditions, forms are available HERE.

  • Anaphylaxis
  • Asthma
  • ​Diabetes
  • ​Seizures ​
  • Other Conditions Requiring Emergency Care

 Please submit your medical alert plan(s) to the Handsworth School office as soon as possible.

Mountain Bike Forms:

Handsworth Mountain Bike form.pdf

Outdoor School:

The Outdoor School Counsellor Program is currently suspended.  Please click HERE for more information.  

Peak Performance Application:

Click HERE for the NVSD Peak Performance Application.

 Rugby Forms (Boys)

Handsworth Informed Consent.pdf

Handsworth Student Athlete Code of Conduct 2010.ashx.pdf

Student Medical Form.pdf

Student Awareness of Risk and Responsibility.pdf


Rugby Forms (Girls)

School Map:


 Ski & Snowboard Team forms:

Please check back for 2021-2022 information

IC Athletic - Secondary School High Risk District Wide 2020.pdf

Student Medical Form.pdf

Student Council:

​Information regarding the 2021-2022 Student Council is available HERE​, or via Instagram HSS Student Council (@handsworth_royals).

Study Block Application:

​For students entering grades 11 and 12 in the 2021-2022 school year.

Study Block Application 2021-2022.pdf


Click HERE for the School Timetable.

Volunteers in Schools:

Volunteering Student Service Forms

Grade 12 students wishing to complete their 30 hours of work and/or volunteer experience please refer to the 'Community Connections - Grad Transitions' form under Grade 12 Grad Transitions.

Service Award Form.pdfService Award Form 

Service H​rs Award Information.pdf

Walking Field Trips

Walking Field Trip consent forms are completed on-line through your student's Cash-on-Line Account.
Please click HERE for more information about the on-line Walking Field Trip consent form and the link to Cash-on-Line.