École Handsworth Secondary
North Vancouver School District


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Handsworth has a limited number of lockers available for students. The use of a locker is optional and can be requested at anytime* during the school year in the main office.

All students who wish to use a school locker are required to register its use with the school office by completing a locker registration form. School lockers that are not registered will be emptied without notice.

Grade 8 Students: will be issued a lock in their homeroom at the beginning of the school year.

Grade 9 to 12 Students: Grade 9 to 12 Students please use your school issued lock or purchase one from the office for $10 cash.

New Students: please visit the office and a lock will be provided to you at no extra cost

Students may select lockers located on the second and third floors as well as specific locations on the first floor.

Athletic Lockers:

A limited number of athletic lockers are available on the first floor and will be assigned on a case by case basis with priority given to students on sports teams and/or with athletic requirements.​

Please Note: Lockers are the property of the North Vancouver School District#44.  Parents and students are reminded that lockers are provided with no expectation of privacy regarding contents. In addition, neither the NVSD nor the school has insurance to cover cost of lost of stolen items.

Parent/Student Notice:


Lockers are assigned to students for use during the school year on the following conditions:

1. Students are responsible for the locker to which they register; it is not to be used by any other person.

2. Students should always keep their lockers secured and never share lock combinations with anyone. KEEP YOUR LOCK ON YOUR LOCKER AT ALL TIMES.

3. The locker REGISTRATION FORM MUST BE RETURNED TO THE SCHOOL OFFICE to register your locker. There will be periodic checks on locker registrations. If your locker is NOT registered with the office we hold the right to remove items/contents from an unregistered locker.

4. Choose your locker location with care, it is your locker for the entire school year. NO CHANGES are permitted ** a request to move to Athletics lockers must by submitted with the office and accepted on a case by case basis**

5. The locker may only be used for the storage of books, school supplies and equipment, outerwear, school sports equipment and lunches. No other material is permitted except with the written authority of the principal or vice principal.

6. The locker is to be kept clean and food removed on a regular basis.  Students are responsible for keeping their lockers in good condition.  Damage or graffiti to the lockers may lead to the loss of the use of a locker as well as fines.

7. Students are responsible for cleaning and removing all material from their locker at the end of the year or when they leave the school.

8. If you no longer require the use of your locker, please VACATE AND REPORT THE VACANCY to the school office. IF you do not report the vacancy, you may be held responsible to any damage, or prohibited contents.

9. No illegal substances, weapons or other prohibited or offensive material may be placed in school lockers.

10. School officials and/or designates may search student lockers at any time and without prior notice in order to ensure compliance with the conditions of use and other school policies and rules. Searches by school officials may include the use of dog units to detect the presence of narcotics or other prohibited materials.

11. Permission to use the locker may be terminated when a student does not comply with the conditions of use or school policies or rules.

12. It is the responsibility of all members of the school community to keep our school safe. If any student has reason to believe that any locker contains anything which would threaten the safety of other students, staff or any other person, that student is expected to immediately report the information to a teacher or administrator. The name of the student making such a report will be kept confidential.

By registering for alocker, Iunderstand and agree to the terms setforth above in the  Locker Conditions of Use.​


If you have never learned (or just have forgotten) how to use a combination lock, please read the following carefully.

Suppose you were given the locker combination 15 – 40 – 10.  Here's how you would open it:

Step 1: Start by rotating the dial clockwise (to the RIGHT).  Turn the dial at least two full turns past zero,

Step 2: Stop when you get to the first number. (In this case, 15)

Step 3: Now turn the dial counter clockwise (to the LEFT).

Step 4: Continue to turn counter clockwise one whole turn past the first number and stop at the second number.  (In this case, 40)

Step 5: Now turn the dial clockwise again (to the RIGHT) towards the third number.  Stop at the third number. (In this case, 10)

Step 6: Pull the lock down and make sure the dial is not turning.

To lock it again, insert the shackle into the lock and press it into the lock until it clicks.  Then spin the dial any direction.

Prefer to watch a video?  Try this one from MasterLock