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MyEducation BC Portal Access

​​MyEducation BC Portal Access is disabled during the start up of the school year.  If you require student records assistance, please email our Records Clerk, Ashley Richards, at arichards@sd44.ca.

​Please ensure your accounts and passwords are up to date prior to the publishing date. Each parent or guardian will have their own separate account as long as they have separate email addresses.

To Access the MyEducation BC System:

1. Visit https://www.myeducation.gov.bc.ca/aspen/logon.do.   We recommend that you make this a bookmark and that you use a desktop computer or laptop instead of a mobile device.

2. Make sure popups are enabled for your browser. If you are having trouble in one browser (such as Safari), we recommend trying another browser (such as Firefox).

3. Your Login ID is the email address that you have given to the school. DO NOT copy/ paste the password – the copy process sometimes adds a space. Both user names and passwords are case sensitive. Five unsuccessful log in attempts will disable your account. Passwords are good for 90 days.

4. Enter your user name and password then click "Log On" to access the system. If it is your first time signing in or it has been more than 90 days since your last password change, you will be prompted to change your password immediately. You will also need to enter security information so that in the future you can click "I forgot my password" to receive a new password.

5. Once inside the MyEducation BC system, you can navigate around to view information for your student(s). When reports are published to the Portal, they are accessible in the Published Reports area and will appear as PDF documents. 

PLEASE NOTE: Students that are enrolled in courses outside of Handsworth Secondary or at different grade levels, may have more than one report.  The following scenarios will likely include multiple reports for students:

  • Students cross-enrolled with other schools
  • Students enrolled in  Distributed Learning courses
  • Students enrolled in Academy courses
  • Students enrolled in a course above or below their grade level

 6.  IMPORTANT!  Parents/Guardians please print and save report cards because they automatically disappear from the Portal at the end of the school year.



Once your Parent Portal Account is created, you will receive an email from MyEducation BC with instructions about how to log into the MyEducation BC Parent Portal. Please check your email inbox and junk mail for an email from accounts such as sysop@myeducation.gov.bc.ca or admin@myeducation.gov.bc.ca which will include your User ID and temporary password. Content in the email will include the following information: Welcome to the Handsworth MyEducation BC PARENT PORTAL which will allow access to see grades, attendance and other information.

Should you have any questions or concerns about Parent Portal access, please do not hesitate to contact us at handsworth@sd44.ca. Please include your name as well as your Handsworth student's name and the name of any other students that you have within the North Vancouver School District (SD44).

We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. We receive a high volume of inquires in the week leading up to Report Cards being posted so we recommend ensuring that you are able to successfully log in before the report card publication date.

 MyEd BC Parent Portal - how to reset password.pdf

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MyEducation BC Parent Tips and Resources are available HERE.

North Vancouver School District Communicating Student Learning:   https://www.sd44.ca/District/Communicating/Pages/default.aspx