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Royals Hot Lunches
​​​​​​​​​​​Royals Hot Lunches
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​Handsworth Royals Hot Lunches 2022-2023

Order your Semester Two Royals Hot Lunches using this Munch a Lunch link​.

Hot Lunch Update beginning February 2023 Semester Two:

The following content is shared on behalf the Handsworth Parent Advisory Council.

Due to the district contract with the cafeteria/servery suppliers Handsworth PAC will be offering hot lunch on the specific dates listed below.  Beginning in April through June we will offering lunches on Mondays and twice monthly on Thursdays.  We encourage you to participate – now more than EVER!

Ordering for our monthly lunch program is available weekly and ordering will stay open for the remainder of the school year.  Monies raised go towards buying items for all our sports activities – and the PAC has been able to fund such items such as football helmets, transportation to offsite games and practises, new uniforms, nets, balls, and so much more!   Our Handsworth athletes have performed incredibly well this fall and with your support we can continue this momentum!

Place your Royals Hot Lunch order using this Munch a Lunch link​ making ordering is easier than ever!

​​​​​​​​Royals Hot Lunch Semester Two Delivery Dates

​Mondays    NEW beginning April, 2023

​​2,  9,  23

​9,  30
​​3,  17,  24
​13,  27
​​1,  15,  29​
​11,  25
​5,  12,  19
​8,  15
​​​​​​​​Served from the south and west zones of the Grand​ Commons

Click on the "contact us" option in Munch a Lunch or email munch@handsworthpac.ca with any Munch-a-Lunch ordering questions.

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