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Student Council 2018/2019

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Student Council Event - Royal Games

The 2nd Royal Games is approaching – A Volleyball Tournament on Monday, January 21st, Large Gym!
Get into teams of 6 – 10 people and sign up!  No volleyball experience is needed.
You can sign up through the Handsworth Instagram, @handsworth_royals, or Snapchat, @ hssroyalss.
Sign-up before Wednesday, January 16, 2019.

Handsworth Student Council 2018/2019

​Daniel Ko
Ko, Daniel.jpg​President​Hello! I am your Student Council president. If you see me outside of school, I'm probably jamming out to music, browsing the internet, or going on an occasional run.  My personal goal this year would be to find a way to manage my time for more sleeping hours. If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to ask.  I'll probably answer them.
​Alix Karsh
Karsh-LeClaire, Alix.jpg​Vice-President​Thank you for electing me as this year's Vice President. Having been on the Handsworth Student Council since Grade 8 and on Executive Council last year, I should be able to answer any questions, and would love to address any concerns you may have about upcoming events this school year. I hope to contribute in making Handsworth a more inclusive and enjoyable place for all of us.
Rachel KoKo, Rachel.jpgCommunications Coordinator​Hello Handsworth! I am your Communications Coordinator this year.  As you know, I am just one of the students who love movies, bubble tea, and fashion.  If you see me around the school, please feel free to say hello to me; and I will answer with a big smile!  My goal this year is to build a strong school spirit and increase awareness of our community.  Let's make this year to be the best and memorable.
​Anova Hou,
Hou, Anova.jpg​Communications Coordinator
​Hi!  I love skiing, dance and photography. As one of your Communications Coordinators for this year, I'll be promoting and posting all of the events and activities that student council will be organizing.  Also, I will be running our social media. Keep updated with Handsworth on @handsworth_royals!
​Amanda Zhang
Zhang, Amanda.jpg​Treasurer​I am excited to be your Treasurer for 2018/19! Maintaining Student Council's budget is an important process which consists of organizing the cashbox, fundraisers, and additional supplies.  That being said, I am looking forward to a great year ahead.
​Ridge Sieb
​Club Coordinator
​I am your club coordinator because I think I am a strong leader and an independent thinker.  I have been on the Handsworth student council for almost a full 3 years as grade 8, 9 and 10 representative and now 1 year as exec.  Thanks for this wonderful opportunity and good luck on future endeavours Handsworth.
​Rachel Kim
Kim, Rachel.jpg​Secretary​Hello Handsworth! I am your secretary for this year's Student Council.  I have been on the council since grade 8, and I am glad to serve you as your secretary in my final year. Apart from taking all the detailed notes and sending out emails to the council members, you can find me as a First Responder, Chamber Strings violinist, or just a loud Gr 12 studying in the last minute for her quiz in the hallway.  If you have any ideas for the school or students, feel free to talk to me.
​Alexia Heller
International Rep
​Reza Hassaniazad
Hassaniazad, Reza.jpg​Athletic Rep
Hi! I am your Athletic Co-ordinator for the 2918/19 school year.  My goal is to make sure all athletic based events run smoothly so that everyone can have an awesome time!  As for hobbies, I enjoy swimming and soccer.  If you have any requests for athletic based events at our school, feel free to come talk to me.  I'll be happy to help!
​Bryan MacLeod
​Tech Rep
​Defne Aydin
​ELL Rep
​Michelle Kim
Kim, Michelle.jpg​Grade 12 Rep
Hi! ​I am this year's athletic rep!  I've always loved playing and watching sports, and my goal for this year is to add more spirit and cheer to the Handsworth sports teams and being our school closer together.  Go Royals!
​Darius Darabi
Grade 12 Rep
Chris Tavakoli
​Grade 12 Rep
​Yerim Kang, Michelle Sue
​Grade 11 Rep
​Joy Wu,
Joey Wang, Graham Best
​Grade 10 Rep
​Charlie Kanuka, Alice Kim, Kayleigh Stahler
​Grade 9 Rep
​TBDGrade 8 Rep

Handsworth Student Council 2017/2018


​Darian HooshiPresident
​Irene Jang​Vice President
​Min NamgungTreasurer
​Alix Karsh/Rachel Ko​Communications Coordinators
​Michelle Kim​Club Coordinator
​Rachel Kim​Secretary
​Parsa Seyed Zehtab/Tierra Parminter/Shawna Naderi​Grade 12 Reps
​Chris Tavakoli/Daniel Ko/Reza Hassaniazad​Grade 11 Reps
​Ridge Siep/Charlotte Milley/Nia Wagner​Grade 10 Reps
​Joy Wu/Joey Wang/Graham Best​Grade 9 Reps



Handsworth Student Council 2016/2017

Brooke ChengPresident
​Bita JokarVice President
​Irene Jang​Publicity Co-ordinator
​Alex Shiino​Club Co-ordinator
​Oliver Ng​Treasurer
​Darian HooshiSecretary
​Nilou Abrishimi​Social Media Co-ordinator
​James Weng​Social Media Co-ordinator
​Kai Oh​Athletic Rep
​Sarah Kim​Athletic Rep
​Matthew Wilson​Gr. 12 Rep
​Rayan Moodad​Gr. 12 Rep
Tierrra Parminter​Gr. 11 Rep
​Shawna Naderi​Gr. 11 Rep
​Michelle Kim​Gr. 10 Rep
​Rachel Kim​Gr. 10 Rep
​Alix KarshGr. 10 Rep
​Charlotte Milley​Gr. 9  Rep
​Nia Wagner​Gr. 9 Rep
​Ridge Sieb​Gr. 9 Rep