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​​Handsworth Student Council 2023 - 2024

Interested in being a member of student council next year?Student Council Logo small.png
  • Application forms can be picked up from room 3013
  • Completed forms can be handed in to the basket outside the main office
  • The deadline to hand in your application form is Monday, May 1st
 Student council elections will be held on May 16th, 2023.

Message Nargess Shokouhian on MS Teams for any questions.​

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​​​​Handsworth Student Council 2022 - 2023

​Nargess Shokouhian
​Hey Handsworth! I’m Nargess Shokouhian (she/her/hers) and I am one of your 2022/2023 Co-Presidents. I have been in Student Council since Grade 9 and I was previously the Diversity Rep. This year, I, along with Duncan Murch, plan to put on loads of fun events such as sports tournaments, theme days and festive activities. I hope to make this school year the best it can be. A little bit about me: outside of Council, I have multiple other leadership roles: I am the 
Co-President of the Art Club, the Yearbook Coordinator, and a Grade 8 Retreat Leader! My biggest leadership role is one that is outside of school, where I am a tennis coach. This role does not only stem from my love for tennis, but it has also taught me countless leadership skills, which will undoubtedly make me a better Co-President. Aside from the time I spend playing tennis, I also love to ski, read, watch sunsets, and take lots and lots of photos. I enjoy spending time with my friends and love to socialize. I hope to use my organization skills, motivation, and dedication to make school a more fun and comfortable space for all! ​
​​Duncan Murch

​Hi Handsworth, my name is Duncan Murch (he/him) and I am one of your student 2022/2023 Student council Co-Presidents. I have been a member of the student council since grade 8 and I am currently the secretary. This year, I took part in 3 clubs at our school, and I also played on the Football team as well as the Ultimate Frisbee team. Outside of school I enjoy playing music, playing a variety of sports such as flag football and soccer as well acting. Nargess and I are here to make sure that 2022/2023 is a memorable year for everyone, full of fun events. I am qualified for this position as I am very involved in​ our community and because of my experience in council and other leadership roles such as the great 8 retreat.
​Noa Mammone

​Hey everyone! My name is Noa Mammone (she/her/hers), and I am your 2022/2023 student council Secretary! The past couple of years have been a whirlwind of new learning opportunities for everyone and my goal through Student Council is to help us all migrate towards new beginnings. In my time at Handsworth, I have assisted in the arts department, been a Grade 11 Representative in council, a member of the District Student Leadership Council, the student representative in Policy 409: Anti-Racism and Equity through Cultural Diversity, as well as presidential roles in 2 of Handsworth’s clubs, Jack.org and Art Club. Outside of school, I enjoy adventuring with my friends, music, art, cooking, baking, and working! With my organization, communication, and time-management skills that I have expanded over the last year in Student Council I know can bring those to the position of Secretary. I will strive to make sure that Handsworth and the school district is an inclusive, safe space for the students in our community. ​​
​Ashley Wong
Hi! I’m Ashley (she/her) and I’m your 2022 Student Council treasurer! A little bit about me is I spend most of my time dancing and teaching dance to kids. But when I have spare time, I like to bake and cook, listen to music, and take lots of photos. I’m excited to be a part of the student council this year as your treasurer again, and I’ll make sure to provide you all a fair budget that’ll give you all a chance to enjoy the things you love to do. If you have any questions or ideas to better our school, feel free to find me in the halls!  
Danae Jan
Club Sponsor
​ DJ.jpg
​Hey Handsworth, my name is Danae Jan my pronouns are she/her. I’m currently a grade 11 student and I will be your club coordinator next year! I’ve been a part of the student council for the past year as a grade rep, I’m also currently a part of the investment club, jack.org club, and the co-president of the foods club. I play soccer and ultimate frisbee in my spare time. I play for a club ultimate team, and I’ve been lucky enough to be selected to play for Team Canada this year at the world games. I’m super excited to be club coordinator this year and I believe I have the ​perfect skill set since I’m approachable, driven, and organized. I hope to help encourage students to join clubs as well as create new ones!
​Nate Cundal
Communications Coordinator

Hey everyone! My name is Nate Cundal (he/him), and I am in Grade 11. I am one of you Communications Coordinators for the 2022/2023 school year. I have been in charge of running the Student Council Instagram account (@handsworth_royals) to help keep the school community in the know. This usually involves advertising theme days or events. I am thankful for all the experience I have gained from Student Council and I’m excited for this year. In my free time, I enjoy going on adventures with my friends and family, as well as spending time outdoors. I am on the District Student Leadership Council, I’m one of the Co-Presidents of the Culinary Arts Club, I’m a Grade 8 Retreat leader, and I am on the Yearbook Team. I will use my skillset from already having experience in this position, and I will continue to keep the school community up to date with important and exciting information. I am positive that with my organizational skills and collaborative working abilities, we’ll have another great year.​
​John Underhill
Communications Coordinator​
My name is John Underhill and I’m in grade 11. I’ve been involved in student council since grade 8 in various roles. Last year I was communications coordinator, which I’m reprising this year. I’ve always wanted to do advertisements which was able to do this year. I enjoyed the job and I’m glad I get to do it again. I’ve been making posters and announcements over the past year, and I think I’ve done a decent job. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be comms co this year and hopefully for next year.​
Charlie Caddick
Arts/Athletic Representative

Hey there! My name is Charlie Caddick (he/him). This year, I am going to be your Arts/Athletic Student Council Rep for 2022-2023. I was born in Vancouver, and I moved to North Vancouver in Grade 7 where I started at Cleveland Elementary. I love sports and have played on a number of sports teams including soccer, ultimate, sailing and flag football. I also love skiing, hiking and camping. I have also always been very passionate about theater. I have been a part of the pre-professional program at Arts Umbrella for 3 years and really looking forward to getting more involved with the Handsworth theater program and the final play in Grade 12. The Arts/Athletic Council Rep position requires someone engaged, enthusiastic and social, and I believe that I have all of those qualities. As well as that, I was the Arts/ Athletic Rep last term, so I have the expertise to run and improve all of the current and future events. Finally, you can always message me on Microsoft Teams if you have any suggestions or comments.​
​Kimiy Anjam
Diversity Representative

​Hey Handworth! My name is Kimiya Anjam and I’m currently in grade 10. I use she/her pronouns and I will be your diversity representative for the 2022/2023 school year. As your diversity representative I want to bring inclusivity to Handsworth and ensure each cultures tradition are celebrated. Not only, do I think it’s key we celebrate these traditions, but I want to make sure that we highlight the importance that each tradition holds. A little about me is that I love playing volleyball, the piano and helping out in the community as a volunteer at Delbrook. As your diversity representative, I plan to hold many events that represent each culture we have in our community at Handsworth. This includes, events recognizing Lunar New Year, Diwali, Persian New year, Hanukah and many more. Join me next year, in celebrating the various cultures we have represented here at Handsworth!

​Grade Representatives
and Members at Large

​Grade 8

Amelia Archer
Nikolas Erl
Flora Kim
Parto Nemati

​Grade 9

​Sogol Kazimi
Moses Kim
Charlie Lernout
Hy Pollock

​Grade 10

​​Devon King
William M.
Zeyus Spenta

​Grade 11

​Dahyun Ko
Daniel Mao
Charlie Yeh

​​Grade 12

​Nicholas Bernard
Matthew Densky
Aria Duggan


​​​​​​​​​Handsworth Student Council​ 2023 - 2024
​Kimiya Anjam

Daniel Mao

​Amber Huang
​Moses Kim
​Sogol Kazimi
Diversity Rep
​Lily Yuan
Diversity Rep
​Charlie Lernout
Communication Coordinator
​Hy Pollock
Communication Coordinator
​William Millard
Arts & athletics Rep
​Zeyus Spenta
Club Coordinator

Grade Representatives
and Members at Large

​Grade 8
​​Elections for Grade 8 Student Council will take place in the fall of 2023
​Grade 9
​Ava Huang
Flora Kim
Parto Nemati
​Grade 10

​Olivia Eddy
Auriel An
​Grade 11

​Devon King
Aileen Kim
Estelle Sim
​Grade 12

​​Dahyun Ko
Taya Marchant
Charlie Yeh



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