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​​​​​​​​​​​​Handsworth Student Council 2021-2022

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​Alice Kim
Kim, Alice.jpg
Hello everyone! My name is Alice Kim, I use She/Her pronouns, and I your Student Council President. Despite the challenges the pandemic continues to bring to us, I am hoping to reinforce the compassionate community Handsworth has always been and bring forth new ideas that are inclusive of every student at our school. Throughout these years, I have been on the Student Council since grade 9, a Grade 8 Retreat Leader and executive member of the District Student Leadership Council. Aside from my involvement in the school community, I enjoy doing art, running, playing viola and helping out at my parents restaurant in Edgemont, Red Tori;) Furthermore, as we are all headed towards another weird year, if you vote for me as one of the presidents I will ensure that we make the most of our first or last years of highschool 
​Kayleigh Stahler
Stahler, Kayleigh.jpg
My name is Kayleigh and this year I’m your Student Council President! By voting for me, you said that you’re not going to wait until everything is “normal” to have fun in Handsworth, because with me as President, you can count on greater, Covid safe events that you want to participate in. I’ve been representing students since grade 8, became St.Council Secretary, led in the Grade 8 retreat, played basketball, and saw how creative and passionate our community is first hand. I’m confident that not only can everyone make an impact, but everyone should be able to be represented by someone who is just as much part of the student body as they are. Which is why I invite you to tell me directly what you want to see next year, because you DESERVE to have a candidate that wants to listen and implement your ideas, not just their own.With that, my first priority will be increasing tutoring supports to ease the stress on students by working with the peer tutor program. I have more ideas where that came from, but we can’t make an impact without YOU! Vote for Kayleigh Stahler!
​Duncan Murch
Murch, Duncan.jpg
​Hi my name is Duncan Murch and I prefer the pronouns he/him. My favourite things to do are: Acting, Music, Hanging out with friends and pretty much any sport there is. Furthermore, I love exploring screenplays and I hope to one day write one myself. In my future I hope to work in the business field and pursue acting on the side. I am your 2021/2022 Secretary. The role of a secretary is to take meeting minutes, keep track of attendance and help the presidents whenever they need it. I think this is a great position for me as I am very organized and I am also very approachable so whenever a student council member or anyone comes to me with a question I would be happy to answer them. Thanks Handsworth and have a good day :)​

​Hi I’m Ashley (she/her), I’m in grade 10, and I’m your 2022 Student Council treasurer! Even though Covid has made this school year tough, I hope to make it a little easier for you next year. But first off, let me briefly introduce myself to you. In school, I’m a part of the drama, arts, and Squad dance program. In addition, I was on our basketball team for the past 2 years and I was your grade 9 representative on Student Council last year. Outside of school, I spend most of my time dancing, but when I have spare time I like to bake and cook, do photoshoots with my friends, and binge watch Netflix shows. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do very much this year, but I hope that next year on council I can help make the transition back to normal easier for you all. And as treasurer, I aspire to provide a fair budget that’ll give you all a chance to enjoy the things you love to do. So I hope you’ll let me be a guiding voice for our school and let me make your experience at Handsworth the best it can be!​
​Jordanna Svenhard
Club Coordinator
Svenhard, Jordanna.jpg
Hello, my name is Jordanna Svenhard (she/her). I am in grade 11 and am your Club Coordinator.  A little bit about me is that I have grown up in North Vancouver, I attended Braemar, I have two brothers, I love to ski, cook, be outdoors, watch Netflix and go on adventures with my friends. I have a lot of leadership experience from when I worked as a ski instructor at Grouse Mountain, to being on Student Council and Grade 8 Retreat for 3 years. By being Club Coordinator I am hoping to encourage people to create and join new clubs, and hopefully make some new friends along the way. By using some ideas that I have I will try to expand on what clubs there already are. My goal is to have an awesome Club Day that everyone will enjoy. I will always be open to hear everyone’s ideas to improve clubs, which is why I will be great for this position. I hope you consider me as your 2021/2022 Club Coordinator.
​Nate Cundal
Communications Coordinator
Cundal, Nate.jpg
​Hey! My name is Nate Cundal, and I am your Communications Coordinator. I grew up in North Vancouver and I went to Montroyal Elementary before coming to Handsworth in grade 8. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and relaxing with my dog. Being outdoors makes me very happy, especially when I am in the mountains skiing. I have been a part of the Handsworth Student Council since grade 8 and am grateful for the opportunities it has given me. I feel I would be a good communications coordinator because I am organized, I like to keep on top of all current information and events, and I care about what’s going on in the school and the community. I will work hard to keep everyone informed of all exciting happenings and important matters. I look forward to communicating with you all soon. ​
​John Underhill
Communications Coordinator
​​John Underhill.jpg
Hi everybody! My name is John Underhill. My pronouns are he/him and I am your communications coordinator this year. I have been involved in student council since grade 8 and I think I'm well suited for this position. I’ve always been interested in politics and this is sort of a baby step of sorts for that path. For communications coordinator, you are required to make flyers, run the Instagram and in general run publicity for the council. I am generally pretty good with technology, so I think I am well suited. Time management and organization is required for this role and I believe that I have all of these things. I am also quite creative which is obviously required for creating flyers and Instagram posts. Anyways, I hope I’ve convinced you that I’m qualified for the role and I hope I can count on your vote!​
​Charlie Caddick
Athletics/Arts Representative​
Charlie Caddick.jpg
Hey there! My name is Charlie Caddick (he/him). This year, I am your Arts/Athletic Council Rep for 2020-2021. I was born in Vancouver and I went to Cleveland elementary before I came to Handsworth. I am currently in grade 10 and I am passionate about theatre, sports and the outdoors. I have been a part of Student Council before, and I had lots of fun so I just can’t wait to get back. The Arts/Athletic Council Rep position requires someone organized, enthusiastic and social, and I believe that I have all of those qualities. I have been on Handsworths sports teams and other sports teams like Soccer, Rugby and Baseball, as well as being a part in the theater program here at Handsworth, and that is why I think I would suit this position perfectly. I am always open to any suggestions on how to improve the Art/Athletic side of the school.
​Nargess Shokouhian
Diversity Representative
Nargess Shokouhian.jpg
Hey Handsworth, I’m Nargess (she/her) and I am currently in grade 10. A little bit about me: I love skiing, tennis, and binge-watching crime shows! I also love organizing and decision making which is why I will be your diversity representative. I have been in student council for the past two years as a grade representative and I continue to love my role more and more every day. Currently, I am the school wide yearbook editor and a grade 8 retreat leader as well. Being in such positions has allowed me to lead students and it has taught me how to manage, delegate, balance and complete tasks, all of which are important in a leader. I am extremely passionate about school as well as being involved in the community. As a lover of art and painting, and as the co-president of the mural society, getting elected as the student council president would be an amazing way to lead and connect the community in different ways, whether it’s by expression through art or simply by planning events. 
​Emily Millard, Caroline Tian, Brendan Woo
Grade 12 Representatives​

​Simone Boileau, Danae Jan, Noa Mammone
Grade 11 Representatives​
​Maya Mount, Lily Yuan
Grade 10 Representatives
​Donna Dehghani, William Millard, Zeyus Spenta
Grade 9 Representatives

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Grade 8 Representative(s)
​Mahan Boroujerdi Moghadam
ELL Representative

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