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Have you moved recently?

Keep your Student Records up to date by alerting us of your change of home address. Our protocol requires all home address changes be supported by documentation for the student’s file. Proof of address can be provided in the following ways: utility bill, phone bill, purchase agreement, rental or lease agreement, tenancy agreement, or a letter from the homeowner. Please email Ms. Beth Nesbit, Records Clerk (​bnesbit@sd44.ca​) or have your student bring a paper copy into the main office. ​

Transcript and DVR (Diploma Verification Report) Requests for Current Students
Transcript Service - Current and Former Students
Please visit the Transcript page for more information.


StudentTranscripts Service

Current or previous Handsworth students may order their transcripts through StudentTranscripts Service.  Information is available on the Handsworth Student Transcripts Page.


For further information on requesting records, please visit the North Vancouver School District website at http://www.sd44.ca/Schools/RecordsRequests/Pages/default.aspx

Information Letter

Please visit the NVSD Student Records Request website (link below) and complete the Request for Student/School Information Letter.  *Due to the start up of the current 2022-2023 school year, processing times for records requests may take up to ten business days.  Please ​note there is a $25 fee associated with this request and documents will include confirmation of attendance; guardianship; home address; and history of schooling.

Records Requests


Additional Transcript and Student Record Information

A "transcript" is a listing of a student's academic record relating to a BC Graduation Program, which includes courses completed successfully, grades earned, ​honours received, and graduation status.

A "certificate, diploma, or Dogwood" is a document showing that a student has completed a BC Graduation Program.

A "Permanent Student Record Card (PSR)" is a document showing the record of schooling and marks attained by a student.  A student's educational record follows the student as she/he progresses through the British Columbia public school system.  Therefore, it is important to know the name of the last school the student attended.  More information: BC Ministry of Education Permanent Student Record Order


Handsworth Secondary Student Records Information: Student Records Resource Flyer.pdf

Questions?   Contact:​

Nesbit, Ms. Beth bnesbit@sd44.ca
​Student Records
(Received after August 25, 2022)

 *Due to the start up of the current 2022-2023 school year, processing times for records requests may take up to ten business days.

Handsworth School office handsworth@sd44.ca