École Handsworth Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Provincial Assessments
​​​Handsworth ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Provincial Graduation Assessment Schedule

​November 2022 Administration
​​Provincial Assessment November 2022.png
Literacy 10 Assessment (LTE10) - Only for Grade 11s & 12s who have not yet written​
Numeracy 10 Assessment (NME10) - Only for Grade 11s & 12s who have not yet written

Monday October 31 – Friday November 4, 2022
​Both Assessments are REQUIRED to graduate

January 2023 Administration 
Provincial Assessments January 2023.png
​Literacy 10 Assessment (LTE10) - All Grade 10 Students
Monday January 23 – Wednesday January 25, 2023
Évaluation de littératie de la 12e année (LTF12) – All Semester 1 FRAL 12 Students
Wednesday January 25, 2023: Written Component 
Tuesday January 17 – Wednesday January 18, 2023: Oral Component

Upcoming Mandatory Graduation Assessments Schedule

ALL grade 10 students and all Semester 1 FRAL 12 students are required to write the written component of their Literacy 10 Assessment and Évaluation de littératie de la 12 année, respectively. The schedule breakdown is attached. Grade 10 students will be writing in alpha organization, according to last name. Mme Poole jpoole@sd44.ca and Ms. Downie mdownie@sd44.ca ​have detailed information about the oral component of the Évaluation de littératie de la 12 année – please contact either if you need more information about scheduled times.

​April 2023 Administration 
Ministry Assessments April 2023.png
Literacy 12 Assessment (LTE12) - All Grade 12 Students

Monday April 24 – Friday April 28


June 2023 Administration 

June 2023 Assessments.png

Numeracy 10 Assessment (NME10) - All Grade 10 students
Monday June 19 - Friday June 23

Évaluation de littératie de la 12e année (LTF12) – All Semester 2 FRAL 12 Students
Wednesday June 21: Written Component
​Monday June 12 – Friday June 23: Oral Component 


Ministry of Education - Assessment

BC Graduation Requirements

Ministry E-mail:  EDUC.GradStandards@gov.bc.ca


The Ministry of Education provides online access to student data through its student secure website . Students must create an account which requires their Personal Education Number (PEN) which can be found on their report card.

Instructions on accessing exam results.pdf