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2nd Club Day
‚ÄčStudent Clubs are back and events are in-person.  A second Club Day was held on Wednesday, April 20, 2022 at Lunch in the Grand Commons.  All students were welcome to come by and learn more, there is something for everyone!

Special invitation to Grade 9s Club‚Äč Presentations
‚ÄčGrade 9s are invited to their first scheduled class Thursday, December 9 at 8:30 AM to see presentations from Handsworth Clubs.
This was a great opportunity to engage with a school club and meet people.

Special invitation to Grade 8s Club‚Äč Presentations
‚ÄčGrade 8s were invited to their first scheduled classes November 1, 2, and 3 at 8:30 AM to see presentations from Handsworth Clubs.
This was a great opportunity to engage with a school club and meet people.

New Clubs and events are being added regularly, please keep checking back for a list of the latest opportunities.

CLUBS 2021-2022

Student Clubs for the 2021-2022 school year will be holding their events in-person, for more information please email or message the club sponsor or contact. This year's Club Coordinator is Jordanna Svenhard, email at jordanna.sven@icloud.com or message on teams if interested in starting a club or have any questions.  CLUB DAY was held on Monday, October 18, 2021 at Lunch in the Cafeteria.‚Äč

Answer ClubThe Answer Club helps club members/students with questions regarding homework or anything in general. We answer questions on university applications, course selections or even just a question someone is curious about! Students can come to us anytime when they have a question. We welcome everyone to come and have a fun time having discussions about a question or topic that you are interested in with us!

Sponsor:  Mr. Pace space@sd44.ca

Contact: Evan Yu evanyu138@gmail.com or Teams


Week 1
Lunch Room 3005
Art Club 

Sponsor:  Mr. Bogen kbogen@sd44.ca

Contact:  Nargess Shokouhian, Tristan Pla

nargess.shokouhian@gmail.com tristanpla196@gmail.com or Teams

 Room 1051
Business Club
(Entrepreneurship Commerce and Finance)
The Business ECF club is for advanced eager senior students interested in getting a hands on learning experience about starting a Business, developing ideas and finding a target market, learning about the stages of financing, listing your company on the stock market and the benefits of it, how to complete financials and risk analysis, marketing of products. We are Learning from successful guest speakers and obtaining hands-on experience by creating a Non profit startup Business.
‚ÄčSponsor: Mr. Adams tadams@sd44.ca

Contact:  Keyaan Mithani on teams or email at k1mithani@outlook.com for more details and how to join‚Äč

Room 2035
Book ClubOur members gather to participate in fun activities based around books. Our weekly meetings will include everything from trivia games and grand debates, to organizing a school wide book drive, and talking about different groups of authors. Join our club to share your enthusiasm about literature with everyone!

Sponsor : Ms. Brady abrady@sd44.ca

Contact: Eleanor F. (grade 10), Lily A. (grade 10), or Ms. Brady on Teams

FridayLunch Room 3013
‚Äč‚ÄčCulinary Arts Club
‚ÄčThe Culinary Arts Club is a space for Grade 10-12 students interested in culinary arts to expand their skills. Students would be making more complex meals then in a regular foods class while also getting more specialized feedback.


‚ÄčSponsor:  Mr. Cooke mcooke@sd44.ca

Contact:  Nate Cundal and Danae Jan
Message us on Teams

After-school 3:00 to 5:00 PM‚ÄčRoom 1049
'Baby Crew'
‚ÄčCome learn new dance skills, perform and have fun! Open for Grades 8 and 9. 

‚ÄčSponsor:  Ms. Droulis  sdroulis@sd44.ca

Contact: Venus Partow or Morgane Noel on Teams!‚Äč
Dance Studio
Room 1097
District Student Leadership Council (DSLC)DSLC consists of actively engaged students passionate about making a difference in our education system for years to come. Members are encouraged to attend meetings once a month to voice their student opinions to admins and community stakeholders (principals, trustees, staff, etc.). This program is a great opportunity to practice networking with others at different schools, as well as demonstrating leadership and community engagement.

Sponsor:  Mr. Barrett mbarrett@sd44.ca

Contact: Tammy Lin, Anita Beauchamp tammylin.2104@gmail.com   anitabeauchamp04@gmail.com or Teams

Once every 3-4 weeksAfter school, Virtual/in person
E-Sports ClubAn inclusive environment for anyone to come and play video games both casually and competitively

Sponsors:  Mr. Vatougios jvatougios@sd44.ca

Contact: sam.mclean5@outlook.com or Teams

Thursday 3-5pm LAB
Room 1037
Environmental ClubAs the environmental club, we strive to raise awareness among students to understand environmental issues. Installing a sense of responsibility and a personal commitment to protect and preserve the environment throughout our community. Our club holds activities, meetings and fundraisers to continually raise awareness and get involved.

Sponsors:  Ms. Kovanda dkovanda@sd44.ca  

Mr.  Allardyce eallardyce@sd44.ca

Contact: Lily Watson, Ava Kotylak, Maelle Shandro, Rachel McDougall

watson.lily14@gmail.com  avakotylak@gmail.com  maelleshandro@gmail.com  rachiemcdougall@gmail.com or Teams

Social Media:  Instagram: @hssenviro.club

Teams Code: kb9vqi8

WednesdayLunch Room 3011
‚ÄčFilm Critic Club
‚ÄčIn Film Critic Club we watch movies and series of our members' choices and talk and discuss our opinions on them. We have different movie events and snack days. Film Critic Club is a place for having fun and discussing opinions. We are open to all students from grades 8-12. Hope to see you.

‚ÄčSponsor: Mr. Donald jdonald@sd44.ca‚Äč

Contact: Barbod Nazembafghi, Mahan Boroujerdi Moghadam
barbod.bafghi@yahoo.com mahanboroujerdi@gmail.com or Teams

Social media: film.critic.club‚Äč‚Äč
‚ÄčLunch Room 3004
First Responders ClubFirst Responders are a team of student volunteers in grades 8-12 that are trained to respond to medical emergencies within the school community. We also provide first aid for school events. Student Volunteer First Aid Learn more ‚Äčabout becoming a First Responder HERE!

Sponsors:  Mr. Chang mchang@sd44.ca

Mr. Barrett mbarrett@sd44.ca

Contact:  Eemaan Alam, Lucy Delmotte, Davan Mulligan

hssfirstresponders@gmail.com eemaan0406@gmail.com  lucy@delmotte.ca   davanmulligan@icloud.com or Teams

Social Media: Instagram: @hss_first_responders


‚ÄčHSS Newspaper Club

Work with other students and your friends to write articles and other pieces which will be then published in the Handsworth Newsletter. Joining this club would be a great chance to familiarize yourself with the skills of journalism, design, and publication while communicating with Handsworth students through a different form of media.‚Äč
‚ÄčSponsor teacher:  Mr. Leung fleung@sd44.ca

Contact: Avin Abazari on MS Teams

Website:  https://www.hssnews.ca/#home‚Äč
Room 3003
‚ÄčHummus and Games Club

‚ÄčThe Hummus and Games club is all about making friends and having fun! Every week we play games like mafia as well as other big group games, eat snacks, listen to music, and bond over our shared love of hummus!‚Äč
‚ÄčSponsor teacher:  Mr. Pace space@sd44.ca

Contact: Taylor Kneider or Stella Fehr on teams or email stella@gloriousday.com
‚ÄčTuesday or Wednesday whichever is the day 2
‚ÄčLunch Room 3005
Investment Club

The Handsworth Investment Club is a great way for you to learn how to invest for your future. Our team provides you with the knowledge to succeed in the stock and cryptocurrency markets. Professional guest speakers and investing competitions make Handsworth Investment Club an unforgettable experience for anyone interested in business and finance. You will gain a strong understanding of all principles of finance through lectures, Kahoots, and group discussions.

If you are looking to prepare for university classes and applications, Handsworth Investment Club provides a solution. By joining, you gain experience in a valuable activity that stands out on applications, and you become prepared for any business classes you take at university. For any students wanting to make new connections with a group of passionate individuals, the Handsworth Investment Club is the place for you!

Sponsor: Ms. Johnson sjohnson@sd44.ca

Contact: Sam Purcell

sampurcell2017@gmail.com or Teams

WednesdayBiweekly Room 1036

‚ÄčJack.Org is a nationally recognized club in high schools and universities across the country. the main goal is to destigmatize mental illness and spread positivity through both the school and public community.
‚ÄčSponsor: Ms. Sheri Agosti sagosti@sd44.ca

Contact: Noa Mammone and Clarrise Gaile Tapuro
Message on Teams or email mammonenoa@gmail.com‚Äč
Day 2
Choices Room 1028

K Club


People who have an interest in Korean culture. We aspire to learn not only the Korean language, but about Korean culture as a whole. Our members range from beginning level to advanced level

Sponsor: Ms. Cretu rcretu@sd44.ca

Contact: Grace Lee, Vivianne Shen

seugha304@gmail.com  vivi5683rose@gmail.com or Teams

Social Media: Instagram: @the_kclub

Day 1

Biweekly Room 2022


Math ClubHandsworth Math Club is dedicated to give students the opportunity to learn math that is beyond the school curriculum. Our club aims to improve the problem solving and critical thinking skills of our members.

Sponsor: Mr. Ridge fridge@sd44.ca

Contact: Ryan Qi ryan2004.qi@gmail.com or Teams

Tuesday Lunch Room 3022

Multicultural Club


The Multicultural Club is a place for students of all cultures to come together, have fun, play games, learn, and make connections. We plan to organize different cultural events, and everybody is welcome to swing by and hangout.

Sponsor: Eric Stamper estamper@sd44.ca

Contact: Tanya Behzadan, Romina Mirahmadi

tanyaschbeh@gmail.com romina.mir2005@gmail.com or Teams


Lunch Room 2033


‚ÄčMusic Club
Join to play, perform and share music in Handsworth!
‚Äč‚ÄčSponsor:  Mr. Kabok  skabok@sd44.ca

Contact:  Chloe Yoo, Amber Chen or Lily Yuan through Teams
Music Room 1073
Peer Tutoring ClubAt Peer Tutoring Club we provide academic support in specific subject areas as well as the ELL program. Student volunteers dedicate their time and effort to assist fellow students who wish to improve their academic performance.

Sponsor: Ms. Brodie sbrodie@sd44.ca

Contact: Zachy Mudenege, Sabrina Park

zachybaji@gmail.com  sabrinaypark@gmail.com or Teams

 Tutorial Time/ Flexible schedule
Political & Legal Theory in Debate ClubWe aim to discuss and debate everything, from current political events taking place in the world, to why we make certain decisions. Our club provides a safe space where everyone is free to share their opinion, be heard, and contribute ideas towards making the world a better place. To join, contact Zeyus Spenta on MS Teams or go to our website: https://sites.google.com/view/politicaltheoryindebateclub/home

Sponsor:  Ms. Maciver vmaciver@sd44.ca

Contact: Zeyus Spenta zeyus.spenta@gmail.com  or Teams


Pride Club


Everyone is welcome! Our mission in Pride Club is to raise awareness about on LGTBQ+ issues and work towards a more inclusive future with the rest of District 44's Pride Clubs. When we're not working on an event, we catch up with each other and offer any support if needed. We're a pretty relaxed club, so no pressure to come to every meeting, but we can't wait to see you!

Sponsor:  Ms. Brodie sbrodie@sd44.ca

Contact: Defne Aydin, Daniela Raso

defneayd04@gmail.com  danielasrasoo@gmail.com or Teams

Social Media: Instagram: @handsworth.pride.club

Pride Club Poster 2020-2021.pdf
Wednesday3-4/4:30 pm Room 3021
Programming ClubCollaborate on projects in group or work on them solo, and learn how to creatively solve problems by making websites or applications, and acquire new coding skills with the help of the club leaders or your peers. Participate in hackathons and win prizes or get the opportunity to get an internship with the help of our partnerships and sponsorships from companies.‚Äč

 Sponsor:  Mr. Vatougios jvatougios@sd44.ca

Contact: Daniel Seyun Lee (Senior President), Ellie Taghavi (Junior President) danielseyunlee@gmail.com or Teams



Room 1037
The Queen's Gambit Chess Club In this club, we learn, play, and improve chess.

Sponsor:  Dr. Maurice lmaurice@sd44.ca

Contact: Enye Botha ennie.b222@gmail.com  or Teams

Wednesday or Thursday
second day 2 of each week ‚Äč
Room 2015
Robotics ClubWe build robots! Come join us and show us your creativity and learn coding skills.

Sponsor:  Mr. Vatougios jvatougios@sd44.ca

Contact: William Millard william_millard@icloud.com or Teams

Social Media: Instagram: @hssroboticsclub

LAB Room 1037
Science ClubIn Handsworth Science Club, we support and inspire students' passion for science through a variety of activities. Our weekly meetings include group discussions on interesting science topics (in/out of curriculum) and occasional contests and science fairs. We provide a space where people can build a network with like-minded peers and seek guidance as needed. Join our club today :)

Sponsor: Mr. Holt bholt@sd44.ca

Contact: Caroline Tian funnycati233@gmail.com or Teams

Wednesday Week 1 Lunch Room 2005
U Club
A service-oriented club at Handsworth. We provide students with volunteer opportunities around the school. The U-Club is one of Handsworth's biggest clubs, having over 100 students sign up to join last year. Sign up today! Message Ms. Brady on MS Teams to sign up.

Sponsor:  Ms. Brady abrady@sd44.ca

Contact: Mahan Boroujerdi Moghadam mahanboroujerdi@gmail.com or Teams

Social Media: Instagram: @uclub_hss

‚Äč‚ÄčRoom 3013
‚ÄčWeightlifting Club

‚ÄčOpen for everyone to enjoy and learn new skills!
‚ÄčSponsor:  Mr. Ridge fridge@sd44.ca 

Contact:  Evan Jeong or Travis Mackay on Teams
3:15 - 4:30PM
‚ÄčWeight Room 2053


Club Day

Club Day was held on Monday, October 18, 2021 at Lunch in the Cafeteria

With over 25+ Clubs there is something for everyone!


What is Club Day?

Students can take a self-guided tour of Handsworth's new and existing clubs. These student-created clubs will host individual information booths about their club, and any student interested in joining a club, will have an opportunity to do so. There will be a wide range of clubs for them to choose from, such as the Answer Club, the Robotics Club, and more.

During Club Day students are welcome to come and take a self-guided tour. The individual student-created clubs host information booths, and any student interested in joining a club can choose from over 20 options. There are clubs for a variety of interests, from the Answer Club to the Robotics Club, for instance. Also, students who are interested in creating a new club are asked to speak with the Club Coordinator, Jordanna Svenhard, jordanna.sven@icloud.com

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