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‚ÄčCLUBS 2023-2024‚Äč‚Äč

Club Day was held on Wednesday, October 4, 2023 at Lunch in the Grand Commons and Learning Commons‚Äč. Please see below for a list of clubs

‚ÄčWhat is Club Day?

Students can take a self-guided tour of Handsworth's new and existing clubs. These student-created clubs will host individual information booths about their club, and any student interested in joining a club, will have an opportunity to do so. There will be a wide range of clubs for them to choose from.

During Club Day students are welcome to come and take a self-guided tour. The individual student-created clubs host information booths, and any student interested in joining a club can choose from over 20 options. There are clubs for a variety of interests.  Students who are interested in creating a new club are asked to message the Club Coordinator, Zeyus Spenta, Club Coordinator 2023-2024 via MS Teams.‚Äč

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CLUBS 2023-2024
The list of Clubs updated April 2, 2024

contact via Teams
DAY(s)TIME and Location
‚ÄčArt Club
Our club helps students develop and experiment with different art mediums. Students should join for the community and the opportunity to try new art forms. During the past year we painted pots to sell at events, made library signs, and screen printing projects. We're hoping to really expand the art club this year and were excited to start so many new projects!
Heather Dirom

‚ÄčMr. Bogen
Lunch/sometimes after school
Room 1051‚Äč
‚ÄčAnimal Rights Club
As the Animal Rights Club, we volunteer with animal charities such as the BC SPCA and the Cheekye Ranch in Squamish, raise awareness about endangered species, and help animal wildfire survivors.
‚ÄčAileen Kim & Julia Runzer 

Ms. Zhai
Biweekly on‚ÄčWednesdays

Room 1118 (LAC)
‚ÄčBaby Crew
‚ÄčBaby Crew is the Grade 8 hip hop dance team at Handsworth! Baby Crew is lead by 2 senior dancers and it provides Grade 8's who want to learn dance, with no experience necessary. We perform in winter and year end shows, and it‚Äôs an excellent way for dancers to join the dance program at Handsworth.
‚ÄčJosie Pielak & Naledi Beare 

Mrs. Droulis

Dance Room 1097
‚ÄčBest Buddies
 Best Buddies gives you and a peer the opportunity to make one-one friendships and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We meet 1-2 days a week, do fun group activities, and all grades and everyone is welcome! 
‚ÄčAria Erfan

Ms. Motaghedi

Room 1042
‚ÄčBook Club
Do you like books? Are you looking for a lunchtime space to hang out and read? Check out the Book Club! Enjoy tea and biscuits while reading in a quiet and cozy environment. Our meetings will also include discussions and planning school wide events, such as book drives and library displays.
‚ÄčEleanor Fan & Lily Alt

Ms. N. Ray

‚ÄčChess Club
‚ÄčOur goal is to have fun and play chess! No previous chess experience is required. Join to play fun games against your friends or challenge some of our top players!
‚ÄčSpencer Gray

Mrs. Amiri

Room 3035
‚ÄčCoding Club

At Coding Club, students will help each other and work alongside together to learn concepts in computer programming and build applications. In this club, you will be able to learn new programming languages and build whatever projects you want all while making friends!!‚Äč
‚ÄčHSS Coding Club QR Code Image.png
‚ÄčEllie Taghavi

Mr. Vatougious

‚ÄčRoom 1115
‚ÄčE-Sports Club
The club is an all inclusive club that welcomes kids of all ages to come play video games at the lab. We have games ranging from console games such as Smash Brothers and FIFA to PC games that you can install, like Valorant and League of Legends. We also have tournaments that will start soon. We also have gaming PCs to use for this year. In addition, we now have a senior lounge located right across the lab in the business room which are only for grades 11 and 12. We also have consoles on the business room too as well as TV, and a opportunity to using the steering wheel we have as well.

‚ÄčHSS E-Sports Club QR Code Image.png
Ryan R‚Äč‚Äč

Mr. Vatougious
‚ÄčEveryday before school and at lunch and after school on Thursdays
‚ÄčRoom 1037
‚ÄčEngineering Club
Do you think cars, rockets, or electronics are cool? Do you want to build stuff? Do you want to change the world? Join the Engineering club today! This year the club will be focusing on building and launching model rockets and preparing students for UBC's Physics Olympics.

Spencer Gray & Ellie T

‚ÄčMr. Cabana
every second Tuesday‚Äč

‚ÄčRoom 1117
‚ÄčEnvironmental Club
‚ÄčAs the environmental club, we aim to educate about current environmental issues along with helping out in the community. Some activities we have planned for the year include a book drive, garbage cleanups, and much more. We are open to new ideas and suggestions for activities, and we offer lots of opportunities for leadership within the club. We hope you will join us in educating, collaborating, and helping the environment around us thrive!
Stella Goddard-Despot & Gemma Linton

Ms. Kovanda
‚ÄčEvery other Thursday

Room 2025
‚ÄčFirst Responders Club
The Handsworth First Responders Team provides emergency medical services to the school community. By responding to calls and treating students, responders are given the opportunity to advance their first aid knowledge and build experience. (A first aid certificate higher or equal in level to Standard First Aid is required)

‚ÄčYewon Park & Elizabeth Bromley 

‚ÄčFridays (1 x month)
Room 3035
‚ÄčFoods Club
‚ÄčDo you have a passion for making food? Would you like to learn more about cooking and baking techniques? Join our club, and I assure you you‚Äôll have a great time no matter what!
‚ÄčValeria Orozco & Taryn Hunter 

Mr. Cooke‚Äč
‚Äč‚Äč*Meetings will commence in Semester 2 (sponsor teacher is currently on leave).*
Global Women's Issues Club
‚ÄčThe Handsworth Global Women‚Äôs Issues Club aims to raise awareness about the many challenges women face and create a lasting impact on our school community and the worldwide community of women.
Muriel An & Avisa Davoodabadi‚Äč

‚ÄčMme. Abernethy 
tabernethy@sd44.ca‚Äč & Ms. Chow 

‚ÄčBiweekly on Mondays 

Room 2022

‚ÄčHandsworth DSLC
‚ÄčThe Handsworth DSLC is part of made up of Handsworth students who attend SD44 Student Leadership Council meetings to provide voice and perspective on the education system. The meetings are often held at secondary schools across the district, with transportation (and free pizza!) provided.
‚ÄčEstelle Sim & Zeyus Spenta

Ms. Downie
‚ÄčDSLC meetings will be announced in the DSLC Microsoft Team, but are typically once a month after school.

‚ÄčHealth Awareness Club
‚ÄčDo you want to live and promote a healthy lifestyle? Join the Health Awareness Club! We will hold regular fundraisers and awareness campaigns. Participate in our events to learn how to improve your personal health, hear presentations from medical professionals, and gain community service hours. We are affiliated with the Canadian Liver Foundation. Everyone is welcome to join!
‚ÄčEleanor Fan & Zeyus Spenta

Ms. Marining
‚ÄčBiweekly on Wednesdays

Room 2035
‚ÄčHummus and Games Club
‚ÄčWe're The Hummus and Games Club! We provide different hummus every week, so each club member gets a chance to try all sorts of flavours, in hopes members can expand their hummus palette by the end of the year! In conjunction, we also play different inclusive games each member can enjoy, such as, Mafia, UNO, Guess The Song, etc. Join Hummus and Games Club, and suggest your favourite‚Äč‚Äč hummus and game!
‚ÄčAnnika O & Juliet Facey 

Mr. Pace

Room 3005
‚ÄčInvestment Club
‚ÄčOur club enables students to learn about the core of investing and how much profit you can make by investing. We have guest speakers that also come during the club time and teach the students about their personal background and why investing is so important and a key to success.
‚ÄčYasamin Z. & Lindsay Park 

Mr. Worley
‚ÄčBiweekly on Mondays

Room 1036
The Jack.org Club is a community of students who wants to learn and raise awareness of various mental health disorders. Students can join our club if they are interested in psychology, health science, or even issues related to mental health in general!
‚ÄčRachel K. & Maiya Peters

Mr. Stamper
‚ÄčBiweekly on Wednesdays

Room TBD
‚ÄčMarketing Club
‚ÄčWe learn about and practice various marketing strategies. We also hold competitions and games with prizes for the winners!
‚ÄčYasamin Z. & Lindsay Park

Mr. Worely
‚ÄčBiweekly on Fridays

Room 1036
Math Club

Run by a group of students enthusiastic about learning new topics about math. Come out to learn about topics not covered in the curriculum, play games and take part in challenges. We are an inclusive club and all grades are welcome. We do math cos(its cool). Be there or be square!

Harry Zhang & Jaden Chen

Mr. Chang
Mr. Ridge (S2)

Room 3032
‚Äč‚ÄčMulticultural Club
‚ÄčThe Multicultural Club is a place for students of all cultures to come together, have fun, play games, learn, and make connections. We plan to organize different cultural events, and everybody is welcome to swing by and hangout.
‚ÄčKian Fasle Bahar ‚Äč

‚ÄčMr. Stamper
estamper@sd44.ca ‚Äč
Every other Friday

Room 2033
‚ÄčMusic Club
‚ÄčAre you interested in sharing music with your community?  Join the Handsworth Music Club to perform and share the joy of music! All skills are welcomed.
Paul Wang

Mr. Kabok‚Äč‚Äč
‚ÄčMeetings are held whenever we have an event coming up, we will announce it in our MS Teams

Room 1073
‚ÄčNewspaper Club
‚ÄčAre you interested in journalism and researching topics you‚Äôre passionate about? Join Newspaper Club! meetings are once a month on the first Wednesday of the month in room 3003. Scan one of the QR codes on the posters around the school to join!
‚ÄčMr. Vaougios
‚ÄčMeetings are once a month on the first Wednesday.
‚ÄčTime TBD

Room 3003
‚ÄčPeer Tutoring Club

Interested in tutoring? Looking for a little extra help with your classes? The Peer Tutoring Club is here to help! Tutors and tutees of all grades and subjects are welcome. As a peer tutor, earn community service hours, improve your communication and leadership skills, and meet new people. As a tutee, gain both additional support to succeed academically and a mentor from a senior grade! All Peer Tutoring Club services are offered FREE of charge to the Handsworth community.
Aria Erfan & Yewon Park

‚ÄčMme Lew 

‚ÄčRoom 2013
‚ÄčPolitical & Legal Theory In Debate Team
‚ÄčWe aim to discuss and debate everything, from current events taking place in the world to our thoughts on highly debated, pertinent issues. Our club provides a safe space where everyone is free to share their opinion, be heard, and contribute ideas towards making the world a more inclusive, engaging, and equitable place for all. Later on this year, we will be participating in regional debate tournaments. No prior experience is necessary! Please come out and join us if you are interested in what we do! For more information, check out our website!
‚ÄčZeyus Spenta

Mr. Worley 

Ms. Maciver (S2)
‚ÄčBi-weekly Mondays or Fridays
‚ÄčTime TBD

Room 1036
‚ÄčPride Club
‚ÄčPride Club aims to be a safe space for queer students, allies and faculty. During our meetings we have discussions, do crafts, plan events, drink tea, share queer history and culture, and more! This year we hope to establish connections between queer youth groups to create more teamwork, a greater sense of community and ultimately a stronger fight against anti-queer discrimination in schools.
‚ÄčAva Geddes & Harper Jasinski 

Ms. Brodie
‚Äč3-4 PM

Room 2012
‚ÄčRobotics Club

We explore engineering and robotics principles in order to build fun, exciting, and engaging projects that are able to achieve interesting tasks. Come out to the Robotics Club to meet new people, have a blast, and work on interesting engineering design challenges which will develop your critical thinking and problem solving skills!
HSS Robotics Club QR Code Image.png
William Millard & Zeyus Spenta

‚Äč‚ÄčMr. Vatougious
‚ÄčAfter School

Room 1036
‚ÄčRunning Club
‚ÄčStudents can join Running Club to stay active, build endurance, and foster a sense of community while pursuing a healthy lifestyle.
‚ÄčGabriel Dunbar & Jaden Chen

Mme. Frith‚Äč
‚ÄčMondays & Fridays
‚Äč3:20 PM

Room 2021
‚ÄčTextiles Club
‚ÄčOur club is a supportive environment for members to work on textiles together. Members can bring their own projects, but there will be project prompts in knitting and crocheting to donate to NICU (premature babies at LGH) and sewing to raise awareness about how fashion affects the environment.
‚ÄčCatie Hudson & Rachel MacDonald-Lin

Ms. Lowe‚Äč
‚ÄčEvery other Thursday
‚ÄčTime TBD

Room 1047
‚ÄčVolunteering Club

‚ÄčThe purpose of Volunteering Club is to assist new students, including international students, in acclimatizing to their new environment. We aim to facilitate their integration and engage them in volunteer activities. Our club is committed to fostering a culture of social responsibility. In the future, we plan to organize charity sales, with the assurance that all proceeds will be donated to the needs. Through the Volunteering Club, students will have convenient access to on-campus volunteer opportunities and gain insights into off-campus volunteer programs. Our club collaborates with a non-profit volunteer organization, which supports us in issuing volunteer certificates.
‚ÄčAmber Z.

Ms. Prior
‚ÄčBiweekly on Fridays

Room 3021
‚ÄčWeightlifting Club
‚ÄčThe Weightlifting Club is a club that focuses on creating a safe and inclusive environment where people can come together to better their selves and have fun. ‚ÄčOpen for everyone to enjoy and learn new skills!
‚ÄčSydney MacKay & Jeremy Carsky

Mr. Langston & Mr. Worley
‚ÄčAfter School

Room 2053 (Weightlifting Room)

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