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‚ÄčCLUBS 2022-2023‚Äč‚Äč

Club Day was held on Tuesday, October 4, 2022 at Lunch in the Grand Commons and Learning Commons‚Äč
(Handsworth Club Listing December 2022)

DAY(s)TIME and Location
‚ÄčArt Club
Art Club is made up of a group of students passionate about creating pieces for the community! In the past, we’ve done screen printing projects, created 10+ pieces for the new Handsworth building, and made library signs. We meet bi-weekly and work on all sorts of projects. We’re excited to create more pieces and collaborate on projects!
Nargess Shokouhian, Noa Mammone, and Tristan Pla

‚ÄčMr. Kory Bogen
Thursdays ,
Room 1051‚Äč
‚ÄčBaby Crew
‚ÄčBaby Crew is the grade 8 hip hop dance team at Handsworth!  Baby Crew is lead by 2 senior dancers and it provides grade 8s who want to learn dance with no experience necessary. We preform in winter and year end shows and it‚Äôs an excellent way for dancers to join the dance program at Handsworth.
‚ÄčSara Hallis and Paige Chapman

Mrs. S. Droulis
‚ÄčEvery Thursday
‚ÄčDance Studio
‚ÄčBook Club

Are you passionate about reading? Interested in discussing your favourite stories? Join the Book Club! Our meetings will include everything from discussions and grand debates, to organizing a school-wide book drive!
Lily Alt and Eleanor Fan

‚ÄčMs. A. Brady
‚ÄčEvery second Friday
Room 3013
‚ÄčHandsworth Business Club
‚ÄčBasically, we teach everything in AP micro but in a shortened time, we also teach other business jargon.‚Äč
‚ÄčTimothy Lin

Mrs. S. Johnson
‚ÄčRoom 2013
‚ÄčCanadian Liver Foundation Club‚Äč
‚ÄčAre you interested in running fundraisers? Looking to gain community service hours? Join the Canadian Liver Foundation Club to spread awareness about liver health!
‚ÄčEleanor Fan and Zeyus Spenta

Ms. M. Marining
‚ÄčEvery other Wednesday
Room 2035
‚ÄčChess Club
‚Äč‚ÄčChess Club welcomes players of all skills.  Wednesday at Lunch in Room 3034.
‚ÄčMs. Z. Amiriechimeh
Room 3034
‚Äč‚ÄčCoding Club
‚Äč‚ÄčCoding Club is back every Wednesday at Lunch in Room 1036.  The Club is accepting names and requests for activities for the year.
‚ÄčMr. J. Vatougios
Room 1036
‚ÄčCulinary Arts Club
‚ÄčThe Culinary Arts Club is a space for students with a passion for the culinary arts to explore more complex foods. It also provides the opportunity for students who don't get the chance to take a foods class to learn the life skills of cooking & baking.
‚ÄčNate Cundal & Danae Jan

Mr. M. Cooke
‚ÄčEvery second Wednesday
‚ÄčAfter school from 3-5
Room 1045
‚ÄčEngineering Club

Do you think cars, rockets, or electronics are cool?
Do you want to build stuff?
Do you want to change the world?
Join the Engineering club today!
No previous experience needed.
‚ÄčSpencer G. and Ellie Taghavi‚Äč

Mr. M. Cabana
Room 1117
‚Äč‚ÄčEnvironmental Club
As the environmental club, we aim to educate the student body about current environmental issues along with helping out in the community and collaborating with others to complete our goals as a club. Some activities we have planned for the year include a book drive, an environmental mural, and much more. We will also be doing regular trash pickups and ivy cleanups to help the environment surrounding our school. We are open to new ideas and suggestions for activities, and we offer lots of opportunities for leadership within the club. We hope you will join us in educating, collaborating, and helping the environment around us thrive!‚Äč‚Äč
Molly Garnham, Kaitlyn Pennefather, Stella Goddard-Despot

‚ÄčMs. D. Kovanda
Room 2025
‚ÄčEsports Club‚Äč
‚ÄčE-Sports Club welcomes you to drop in the Lab every Thursday afterschool for club days.  Pass on by and try out one of our stations. We have PlayStations, X-Boxs, Switchs, and many Gaming Lap tops.
‚Äč‚Äč‚ÄčMr. J. Vatougios
Room 1037
‚ÄčNSSEL Esports League

‚ÄčNorth Shore Scholastic Esports League‚Äč (NSSEL)‚Äč
Matches happen province wide.  November is the time to register. Scan the QR codes to join. sign up to play a match with two friends or join as a solo player.
‚Äč‚ÄčMr. J. Vatougios
‚ÄčDrop into the LAB on Club days
‚ÄčRoom 1037
‚ÄčFilm Critic Club

‚ÄčIn Film Critic Club we watch movies and series of our members‚Äô choices and talk and discuss our opinions on them. We also have different movie events and snack days. Film Critic Club is a place for having fun and discussing opinions. We are open to all students from grades 8-12. Hope to see you. For more information message Barbod Nazembafghi on Teams.
‚ÄčBarbod Nazembafghi

Mr. J. Donald
‚ÄčRoom 3004
‚ÄčFirst Responders Team
‚ÄčThe Handsworth First Responders Team provides emergency medical services to the school community.

‚ÄčEemaan Alam, Yewon Park, James Bromley

Ms. J. Desai
‚ÄčVarious Times
Room 3031
‚ÄčHealth Awareness Club
‚ÄčEvery month, we choose a health condition to shed light on and organize community wide fundraisers to raise money for the groundbreaking research being done.

‚ÄčAmitis Eskandari and Elena R.

Mr. L. Reble lreble@sd44.ca‚Äč
‚ÄčOnce a month on a Tuesday
Room 2035
‚ÄčHummus and Games Club
‚ÄčWe're The Hummus and Games Club! We provide different hummus every week, so each club member gets a chance to try all sorts of flavours, in hopes members can expand their hummus palette by the end of the year! In conjunction, we also play different inclusive games each member can enjoy, such as, Mafia, UNO, Guess The Song, etc. Join Hummus and Games Club, and suggest your favourite‚Äč‚Äč hummus and game!
‚ÄčStella Fehr, Carolyn Waltz, Alejandra Delgado

Mr. S. Pace space@sd44.ca
‚ÄčEvery Wednesday
Room 3035
‚ÄčHandsworth Investment Club

‚ÄčWe teach students about investing, trading, personal finance, and business. We host investment competitions for students and discuss topics such as markets, banking, and stocks. Students interested in business and finance are great fits for the investment club!
‚ÄčSam Purcell

Mr. S. Worley sworley@sd44.ca
Room ‚Äč1036
‚ÄčMath Club

‚ÄčOur goal is to help everyone improve their intuitive and logical thinking via the art of mathematics.
Come join the Math Club if you love puzzles, are interested in math contests, and want some homework help! During the meetings, you can learn fun math concepts beyond school curriculum, work on your homework, and participate in math games to win prizes. Meet new people with interests just like yours!
‚ÄčAria Duggan, Elia Kim, Kian Sameny

Mr. F. Ridge fridge@sd44.ca
‚ÄčEvery Thursday
Room 3022
‚ÄčMedia Analysis Club
‚ÄčClub members will watch different forms of media ranging from movies, television series and short films. Our members will use their critical thinking skills to take notes and keep track of characters, important plot points and background information of the media being presented.
‚ÄčSebastian Blaha, Keiran McRae

Sponsor TBD

Room 3025
‚ÄčMulticultural Club
‚ÄčOur club is a place for students of all cultures to come together, have fun, play games, learn, and make connections. We plan to organize different cultural events, and everybody is welcome to swing by and hangout every other Friday at lunch in room 2033.
‚ÄčTanya B., Romina Mirahmadi

Mr. E. Stamper
‚ÄčEvery other Friday
Room 2033
‚ÄčHandsworth Music Club
‚ÄčAre you interested in sharing music with your community?  Join the Handsworth Music Club to learn, play, and perform music!  All skills are welcome!
‚ÄčLily Yuan, Chloe Yoo‚Äč

Mr. S. Kabok‚Äč skabok@sd44.ca

‚ÄčWednesdays, meetings will be announced through teams
‚ÄčLunch (12:55-1:45)
Music Room 1073
‚ÄčPeer Tutoring Club
Interested in tutoring? Looking for a little extra help with your classes? The Peer Tutoring Club is here to help! Tutors and tutees of all grades and subjects are welcome. As a peer tutor, earn community service hours, improve your communication and leadership skills, and meet new people. As a tutee, gain both additional support to succeed academically and a mentor from a senior grade! All Peer Tutoring Club services are offered free of charge to the Handsworth community.
‚ÄčMessage Ashely Strand or Mysha Shariff on Teams

Ms. R. Lew

‚ÄčWe meet on the last Thursday of every month
Room 2013
‚ÄčHandsworth Political & Legal Theory In Debate Team
‚ÄčWe aim to discuss and debate everything, from current events taking place in the world to our thoughts on highly debated, pertinent issues. Our club provides a safe space where everyone is free to share their opinion, be heard, and contribute ideas towards making the world a more inclusive, engaging, and equitable place for all. Later on this year, we will be participating in regional debate tournaments. No prior experience is necessary! Please come out and join us if you are interested in what we do! For more information, check out our website at https://sites.google.com/view/politicaltheoryindebateclub/home
‚ÄčZeyus Spenta

Ms. V. Maciver
Room 1036
‚ÄčPride Club

‚ÄčThe Handsworth Pride Club is here to provide a safe space for everyone! We have discussions on queer topics, history, & culture; and from time to time we hold school events to educate our peers! We also drink tea, eat snacks, and watch movies! We invite members of the community and allies! Everyone is welcome!!
‚ÄčAlex Patterson and Natalie De Guzman

Ms. S. Brodie 
‚Äč‚ÄčLunch and after school
Room 3012
‚ÄčHandsworth Programming Club
‚ÄčWe learn how to code logically. People can be familiar in programming.
‚ÄčMark Chen, Daniel Lee, Ellie Taghavi

Mr. J. Vatougios
Room 1036
‚ÄčRobotics Club
‚ÄčWe have many exciting activities planned and want you as part of the club!

William Millard‚Äč

‚ÄčMr. J. Vatougios 
‚ÄčAfter school
Room 1037
‚ÄčRunning Club
‚ÄčThe Running Club meets after school to watch a short video about how running benefits mental health. Then, everyone goes outside for a run to Cleveland Dam and back. We run in a group, and take breaks when needed. It is a great way to make friends, get some fresh air and exercise, and reduce stress. Most importantly, we have fun!
‚ÄčAria Duggan

Mme S. Frith‚Äč sfrith@sd44.ca
‚ÄčMondays and Fridays at 3:10, from April to June
After school at 3:10 pm

‚ÄčRoom 2021
‚ÄčScience Club
‚ÄčStudents are welcome to learn about experiments with the Science Club, Room 2005 at Lunch. 
‚ÄčMr. B. Holt
Room 2005
‚ÄčSports Analytics Club

‚ÄčNic Bernard

Mr. S. Worley
Room 1036
‚ÄčU-Club is a service-oriented club for people who like the idea of helping out others in various capacities.
Goal: The goal of U-Club is to make it suitable for everyone whether you like to work in large groups or working by yourself, we always have an activity that will suit your needs. 
Overall, our goal is to provide as many opportunities as we can for students in our school to get involved in and experience what Handsworth has to give back to the community.
‚ÄčMahan Boroujerdi, Avani Johal, Natalia Wild

Ms. A. Brady abrady@sd44.ca
‚ÄčEvery Thursday
Room 3013
‚ÄčWeightlifting Club
The Handsworth Weightlifting Club is a club that focuses on creating a safe and inclusive environment where people can come together to better their selves and have fun.
‚ÄčOpen for everyone to enjoy and learn new skills!
Vanessa Fantini and Sydney MacKay

‚ÄčMr. F. Ridge 
‚ÄčAfter school
3:15-4:30 PM

‚ÄčWhat is Club Day?

Students can take a self-guided tour of Handsworth's new and existing clubs. These student-created clubs will host individual information booths about their club, and any student interested in joining a club, will have an opportunity to do so. There will be a wide range of clubs for them to choose from.

During Club Day students are welcome to come and take a self-guided tour. The individual student-created clubs host information booths, and any student interested in joining a club can choose from over 20 options. There are clubs for a variety of interests.  Students who are interested in creating a new club are asked to message the Club Coordinator, Danae Jan via MS Teams.‚Äč

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