École Handsworth Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Staff Info

​Please note the following protocol when contacting the school with a concern about the education of your child.  You may contact your child's teacher through the school at 604.903.3600 or via email.  If you feel further action is warranted, please contact the grade appropriate counsellor.

Teacher website links are to the left of their name.  Please note not all teachers maintain a website.​ ​ ​ ​


Samra-Gynane, Ms.Rupirsamra@sd44.ca  Principal (Grade 10)
​Barrett, Mr. Markmbarrett@sd44.ca  Vice-Principal (Grades 8, 11 & International Students)
​Best, Ms. Sarahsbest@sd44.caVice-Principal (Grades 9 & 12)


​Renwick, Ms. Robynrrenwick@sd44.ca ​Gr. 8​604.903.3614
​Schwegler, Ms. Stacey
sschwegler@sd44.ca​Gr. 9
Craik, Mr. Davedcraik@sd44.ca
​Gr. 10 & International Students​604.903.3644
​Millar, Ms. Danadmillar@sd44.ca  ​Gr. 11 & International Students​604.903.3648
​Infanta, Ms. Trinatinfanta@sd44.ca ​Gr. 12 ​604.903.3632
​Infanta, Ms. Trinatinfanta@sd44.ca ​Choices Counsellor​604.903.3632
Richards, Ms. Ashleyarichards@sd44.ca
​Student Records ​604.903.3316
WebsiteAbernethy, Ms. Taratabernethy@sd44.caFSL/Fr Immersion
Website​Adams, Mr. Tomtadams@sd44.ca​Science
​Allardyce, Mr. Evaneallardyce@sd44.ca ​Fr Immersion
​Amiriechimeh, Ms. Zahrazamiriechimeh@sd44.ca ​Math
Audia, Mr. Salsaudia@sd44.ca Social Studies/Law
Beare, Dr. David
Website​Bogen, Mr. Korykbogen@sd44.ca  ​Art
​Bradshaw, Mr. Daviddbradshaw@sd44.ca​Music

​Brady, Ms. Alannaabrady@sd44.ca​​English/Social Studies
​Breakingbury, Ms. Christie
​Fr Imm/First Nations/LAC

Brodie, Ms. SimoneSBrodie@sd44.caDance/English/Drama
Burtt, Mr.Troytburtt@sd44.caMath
Cabana, Mr. Michaelmcabana@sd44.caTechnology Ed
​Cassel, Ms. Melaniemcassel@sd44.ca ​Learning Centre
WebsiteChandler, Ms. Mitramchandler@sd44.caImmersion Science/Science 
​Chang, Mr.  Michaelmchang@sd44.ca​Math
​Chow, Ms. Susanneschow@sd44.ca ​Fine Arts
​Cooke, Mr. Mattmcooke@sd44.ca ​Foods
Cove, Ms. Lialcove@sd44.caPE
​Cretu, Ms. Ralucarcretu@sd44.ca​​Languages​
Website​Day Lanoue, Ms. Lorraineldaylanoue@sd44.ca  ​Science
Donald, Mr. Johnjdonald@sd44.ca ​English/LAC
Website​Ferguson, Ms. Erineferguson@sd44.ca ​English
Website​Ferreira, Ms. Tanyatferreira@sd44.ca ​English/LAC
Website​Forsyth, Mr. Mikemforsyth@sd44.ca ​Socials
Frauenstein, Ms. Tanjatfrauenstein@sd44.caSpanish
Website​Frith, Ms. Sofiasfrith@sd44.ca ​FSL
​Gibbs, Mr. Carsoncgibbs@sd44.ca​Social Studies/DL
​Gould, Mr. Martinmgould@sd44.ca ​Fr Immersion/Fr Immersion PE
Hansen, Mr. Markmarkhansen@sd44.ca Technology Ed
Website​Holt, Mr. Bradenbholt@sd44.ca ​Science
Website​Isabelle, Ms. Elizabetheisabelle@sd44.ca ​Fr Immersion/Dance
Website​Jackson, Ms. Kellykjackson@sd44.caEnglish (Day 1)
Website​Johnson, Ms. Sherisjohnson@sd44.ca Business Ed/Work Experience
Kabok, Mr. Sabskabok@sd44.caStrings
Website​Kovanda, Ms. Danadkovanda@sd44.ca ​Science
​Langston, Mr. Ramesesrlangston@sd44.ca​Athletic Coordinator/PE​604.903.3664
Leung, Mr. Frankfleung@sd44.ca English/Humanities
​Website​Lew, Ms. Rachaelrlew@sd44.ca​​​Fr Immersion
Lloyd, Ms. Traceytlloyd@sd44.ca English/Humanities
​MacDonald, Ms. Tobytmacdonald@sd44.caMath/PE
Website​Maciver, Ms. Victoriavmaciver@sd44.ca ​Business Ed/LAC
Website​Maurice, Dr. Luclmaurice@sd44.ca Science
​Maxwell, Ms. Stephanie 
smaxwell@sd44.ca ​Math/Science
​McHugh, Ms. Lauren
lmchugh@sd44.ca​Learning Commons
​McKinnon, Ms. Kimberleykmckinnon@sd44.ca ​English
Website​​Moncado, Mr. Deandmoncado@sd44.ca​Science​
​Murdock, Mr. Jimjmurdock@sd44.ca ​English/Social Studies
​Murphy, Ms. Lisalymurphy@sd44.ca ​Learning Centre
Website​Murton, Mr. Davedmurton@sd44.caScience
Website​O'Connor, Ms.Thereseto'connor@sd44.ca​Planning
Fr9  ​Fr10  Fr11 Fr12​Owen, Ms. Louise
Paris/Barcelona 2019
Website​Pace, Mr. Steven
space@sd44.ca Science/ICT
Website​Pankiw, Mr. Samspankiw@sd44.ca ​Math/PE
​Paruk, Ms. Shannonsparuk@sd44.ca ​Learning Centre
Pickthall, Mr. Kenkpickthall@sd44.caMath/LAC

​Poole, Ms. Juliajpoole@sd44.ca​Fr Immersion/DL​
​Powell, Ms. Islaibpowell@sd44.ca ​Choices
​Prior, Ms. Amandaaprior@sd44.ca ​ELL/Com./Eng
​Ray, Ms. Natashanray@sd44.ca​English/Drama
Website​Ridge, Mr. Fraserfridge@sd44.ca ​Math
Website​Scott-Desfosses, Ms. Nathalienscott-desfosses@sd44.ca ​Visual Arts / Yearbook/Film / Digital Media
Shanks, Ms. Vickivshanks@sd44.ca PE
Stamper, Mr. Ericestamper@sd44.ca English/Psychology
Storey, Mr. RandyRaStorey@sd44.ca PE
Website​Toombs, Ms. Erica etoombs@sd44.ca​Science
BlogTorres, Mr. Fernandoftorres@sd44.ca Social Studies/PE
Website​Vatougios, Mr. Johnjvatougios@sd44.ca Business Ed/ICT
​Watt, Ms. Hilaryhwatt@sd44.ca ​English
Yaraghi, Ms. Mashidmyaraghi@sd44.ca Fr Immersion
Website​Agosti, Ms. Sherisagosti@sd44.ca Youth Support Worker
​Bennett, Ms. Shannonsbennett@sd44.ca ​Behaviour Support Worker
​Burdett, Ms. Alina
​Delaney, Ms. Cathicdelaney@sd44.ca ​EA
​Delgado Hathway, Ms. LauraLDelgadoHathway@sd44.ca ​EA
​Donald, Ms. Nicolendonald@sd44.ca ​Behaviour Support Worker
​Filyk, Ms. Heatherhfilyk@sd44.ca ​Laboratory Technician
Larmour, Ms. Michellemlarmour@sd44.caEA
​Lenz, Ms. Melissamlenz@sd44.ca ​EA
​Minaker, Ms. Jilljminaker@sd44.ca ​EA
​Pan, Ms. Catherinecpan@sd44.ca ​Work Experience Facilitator
​Sorenson, Ms. Donnadsorenson@sd44.ca ​Supervision Aide
​Wilson, Ms. Diannadwilson@sd44.ca ​EA
Bell, Ms. Tracetbell@sd44.caAdministrative Assistant
Best, Ms. Sarahsebest@sd44.caSecondary School Asst/ Attendance/TOC'S
​Bryan, Ms. Carmencbryan@sd44.ca ​Secondary School Asst/ Attendance/Volunteers
Murdock, Ms. Arleneamurdock@sd44.ca Secondary School Asst/​ Website/Volunteers/Medical
​Del Rosario, Ms. LeonoraLDelRosario@sd44.ca ​Night Custodian
​Diana, Ms. Aureliaadiana@sd44.ca ​Night Custodian
​Oquendo, Mr. Juliusjoquendo@sd44.ca ​Day Custodian
​Ragutero, Mr. Alfredaragutero@sd44.ca​Night Custodian
​Wallace, Mr. Ianiwallace@sd44.ca​Night Custodian (Supervisor)