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Royal Recognition

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Royal Recognition

What is the Royal Recognition and why has it been created?

  • created by students for students with the goal of celebrating achievement in a diverse way.
  • a transition from a typical, mainly academic-focused "award" into a culture in which more personal and broad-based characteristics in students receive the recognition they deserve. 
  • created by students, staff and administration
  • allows students who have achieved excellence in any area, while demonstrating the qualities of the school Mission Statement, to share their accomplishments.

The selected applicants (approximately 5 to 10 chosen) will be Royally Recognized at our Celebration of Student Achievement Ceremony.  Each student's achievements will be displayed in a short presentation of varying form to the audience.  These presentations may include a video, slideshow, speech or any other format as deemed suitable by the student and the Royal Recognition Committee.



The applications will be distributed to students in homeroom on Wed March 7,  2018. Extra forms will be available in the Main Office and can be returned there when completed by March 16th. Last year's awards went to actors, athletes, cultural ambassadors, The First Responders, the Grade 8 retreat leaders and outstanding classmates/friends. Nominate someone who has done something incredibly wonderful in their family, in school, in the community, or in the world. This is not an academic award, but an award for someone, or a group, who has done something unique which you think should be recognized and you'd like to see them shine. Or, nominate yourself! Tell us why YOU deserve ROYAL RECOGNITION!


Students who are chosen to be recognized will be selected and voted upon by a panel of Student Council members, Staff/Administration, and PAC members.  The applications will be judged based on reference to the school Mission Statement and to what degree the student's story exemplifies the true values of the Handsworth Community.



Students may nominate themselves, a peer or a group to be recognized. Forms must be submitted to homeroom teachers on Wed Mar 7/14, to the office before Friday March 16. If you have any questions, please come to room 207 and ask Mrs. Breakingbury or email cbreakingbury@sd44.ca


All students selected to have their achievements recognized must agree to create a presentation (video, slideshow, speech) as decided with the Royal Recognition Committee and work in collaboration with the Committee in preparation for the Ceremony.


All decisions made by the Royal Recognition Committee are final.

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