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Royal Recognition

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Royal Recognition

What is the Royal Recognition?

  • Created by students for students with the support of staff and administration.
  • Recognizes student excellence and achievement outside of traditionally academic-based awards.
  • This year, Royal Recognition is focusing on students who have made a change in the Handsworth community, however big or small.  As well, we intend to recognize students who have expressed their passions and demonstrated qualities of the school mission statement.
  • Students may be nominated for excellence in any area.

The nominees (individual or group) will undergo a selection process by the Royal Recognition committee, which is composed of a diverse group of Handsworth students.  Approximately 10 recipients will be chosen and celebrated at our Royal Recognition Ceremony on June 12, 2019.  A presentation of a handmade ceramic sculpture and a video highlighting the recipient's achievements will be shown to the audience.

Who should I nominate?

  • Past recipients include groups and individuals who did incredible things for the Handsworth community, such as Grade 8 Retreat Leaders, Tech Crew, First Responders, and student athletes.  Students have won for charity work, starting their own business, being a buddy to complex learners in the Life Skills program, excelling in a University level Physics class, running an ultra-marathon, being an amazing friend and overcoming adversity and struggle.
  • This year, we'd like to see more nominees who express their passions, whether it be art, sports, or science, and a club, a team or a group who has gone above and beyond to make Handsworth a better place.  Nominees may show excellence and achievement in any area.  Or, nominate yourself; tell us why YOU deserve ROYAL RECOGNITION.

Important Dates and Rules:

  • Students may nominate themselves, a peer or a group to be recognized. Forms must be submitted to the office before Friday, March 8. If you have any questions, please come to room 210 and ask Mrs. Breakingbury or email cbreakingbury@sd44.ca.
  • All students selected to be recognized must agree to be included in a video as decided with the Royal Recognition Committee and agree to work in collaboration with the Committee in preparation for the Ceremony.
  • Junior Ceremony (Grade 8 to 10):  June 12, Block 3, 9:35 to 10:35 AM
  • Senior Ceremony (Grade 11 & 12):  June 12, Flex Time, 10:40 to 11:55 AM
  • All decisions made by the Royal Recognition Committee are final.

Royal Recognition 2019:  Application Form