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École Handsworth Secondary
North Vancouver School District
AP Exams


AP Exam Instructions for Students:​

  1. ​​Students are asked to report in person to the Library at least 30 minutes before the start of each exam for a prompt start.  Extra time will not be possible for late arrivals.
  2. Masks must be worn at all times and maintain safe distancing protocols.  Do not bring unnecessary items into the venue to avoid delays.
  3. Bring your school student ID card (you cannot sit the exam without this ID)
  4. Before you enter the Library, organize yourself by taking care of the following:
    • Cell phones must be powered off and left in your backpack.
    • All unnecessary items including rough paper, pencil cases, books, and jackets must be placed in backpacks.
    • Know your AP college student number
    • Ensure that you bring an exam approved calculator:  AP Collegeboard Calculator Policies
    • Pens and pencils will need to be held in your hands as they cannot be in pencil cases.
    • Bring water and/or a quick snack if you need to.​

*Please note the Computer Science Principles exam on Monday, May 17 is a morning exam, please report to the Library at 7:30am.

For self-study students who wish to write AP Exams that are NOT held at Handsworth, please Search for Test Centre​s at:


Contact the College Board for a list of testing sites at:

Phone: 1-888-225-5427  OR  e-mail:

​Questions?  North Vancouver School District students may contact Ms. Jagruti Desai, Vice Principal, Handsworth Secondary School at