Seycove Secondary
North Vancouver School District

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  • Information and resources related to the course programming process
  • Includes:
    • This year's Programming Presentations
    • Programming Guides
    • Course Request Sheets for each grade
    • Enhanced Program links

Seycove Departments

As a reference - the following are subject departments at Seycove and they include the following courses. All these courses have descriptions within the Course Programming Guide (link above).

  Department ​Courses
​ Applied Skills Food & Nutrition, Textiles, Engineering, Drafting, Carpentry
​ Business Education ​Economics 12
​ Career Programs ​Work Experience, School Apprenticeship
 English Language Learners (ELL) ​Language Strategies, BC Culture
English Language Arts ​English (all grade levels), PLP 8-10, Writing 12, Literature 12
 ​Information Technology​ ​IT Survey, Computer Programming, Desktop Publishing / Yearbook
Mathematics ​Mathematics (All Grade Lev​els), Calculus 12
 ​Modern Languages ​French, Spanish
  Physical Education ​PE (All grade levels), Strength & Conditioning, Basketball Academy
  Science ​Science (all Grade levels), Biology, Physics, Earth Science, Chemistry
  Social Studies ​Social Studies (Gr 8-11), Psychology, History of Rock & Roll,    Comparative Civ., Geography, History, Law, Social Justice
​Learning Services ​Language Strategies, Leadership, Learning Strategies
​  Visual & Performing Arts ​Art (all grade levels), Photography, Film & Television, Drama & Theatre (all grade levels), Choral & Instrumental Music (all grade levels)