Seycove Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Course Programming

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Course Programming

Selecting a program of studies is an important process that should involve students, parents, teachers, administrators and counsellors. After careful consideration, courses should be chosen based on the student’s strengths, interests and future requirements. Students are asked to list alternative choices on
their course selection sheets, as their preferred choices may not schedule due to timetable constraints. Courses with low enrolment may not be offered. Students are advised to read this guidebook carefully when planning their courses for next year.

PROGRAMMING TIMELINES - refer to calendar for specific dates

January:     Grade 7 students from the Seycove family of schools to visit Seycove for one day
                     Parent Information meetings for current Grade 7-11 students, PLP
February :   Counsellors visit classes to discuss programming for current Grades 8 to 11 students
                 Course Selection Sheets due in to Counsellors by the end of February



​Grade 8
​Grade 8 PLP- Performance Learning Program - By application only
Required Courses:
Humanities 8 - English 8 & Socials 8
Math 8
Science 8
French 8
PE 8
Personal Growth Plan (embedded)
PLUS 2 Elective Rotations- the combination of these may change

PLP Required Courses:
Humanities 8- English 8 PLP & Socials 8 PLP
Scimatics 8 - Math 8 PLP & Science 8 PLP

French 8
PE 8
Personal Growth Plan (embedded)
PLP Maker 8 (includes Engineering, Art, Info Tech & Design)
PLUS Any 1 randomly selected elective rotation from below (students do not get a choice)
Applied Design & Technology Skills 8 Rotation
Home Ec 8 (Foods & Textiles)
Information & Communication Technology

Fine Arts 8 Rotation
Art 8
Drama 8
Music 8

Choir 8 
Band 8

Students take a minimum of eight courses in their Grade 8 and Grade 9 years.
Students in Grade 9 should consider a second language as one of their Elective Choices if they plan to pursue University straight out of high school.