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Course Programming

Parent/Student Mailed Communication:  April 23, 2021

Student Course Verification 2021-22

Career Life Education Grade 10s Only

Course Programming

Selecting a program of studies is an important process that should involve students, parents, teachers, administrators and counsellors. After careful consideration, courses should be chosen based on the student’s strengths, interests and future requirements. Students are asked to list alternative choices on
their course selection sheets, as their preferred choices may not schedule due to timetable constraints. Courses with low enrolment may not be offered. Students are advised to review course programming information carefully when planning their courses for next year.


Click on the grade link below for course programming information for the 2021-2022 School Year:

GRADE 8 (click here)

GRADE 9 (click here)

GRADE 10 (click here)

GRADE 11 (click here)

GRADE 12 (click here)

PROGRAMMING TIMELINE - refer to calendar for specific dates

​Jan 19
​Performance Learning Program (PLP) Information Evening 7:00pm (ZOOM)

Jan 20

Gr 8 Parent Course Programming Meeting (ZOOM) @ 6:00 pm


Jan 20

Grade 8 course programming classroom visits to elementary schools via MS Teams

Jan 18 - Feb 21

Applications for Academies due via School Cash Online

Feb 2

Next Years’ Grade 9-12 Parent Course Programming Evening (ZOOM)

Grade 9 & 10:  Tuesday, Feb. 2 @6:30pm

ZOOM Meeting Link:

Grade 11 & 12:  Tuesday, Feb. 2 @7:30pm

ZOOM Meeting Link:

Feb 2 -3

Student Course Programming Meetings/Assemblies (MS Teams)

Next Year’s Grade 11 & 12:   Feb 2 @8:30am

Next Year’s Grade 9 & 10:   Feb 3 @8:30am

Feb 8

Applications due for Performance Learning Program (PLP)

Feb 19

Course Selection Forms Due in the Main Office


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