Seycove Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Emergency Procedures

​Emergency Student Release Procedures-Secondary

Emergency Management for North Vancouver Schools 

Dear Parent/Guardian(s):

A minimal, moderate or high level emergency may arise at a school that may make it difficult or impossible to continue with the regular instructional program necessitating the release of students from school for the duration of the regular instructional day.

The school has defined Student Release Procedures into three categories.

1. Regular Release Procedures - Minimal Level of Risk to Students

e.g. Power Failure, Water Shut Off, Gas Leak, etc.

-minimal trauma experienced by few, if any students, community is safe

2. Controlled Release Procedures –Moderate Level of Risk to Students

e.g. Explosion on School Property, Partial Building Failure, Emotionally Traumatic Event, etc.

-varying degrees of trauma experienced by some students, community surrounding school is safe

3. Full Scale Emergency Release Procedures–Highest Level of Risk to Students

e.g. . Earthquake, Police Emergency Bordering School Property, etc.

-varying degrees of trauma experienced by a significant number of students and/or immediate vicinity of school and/or community is deemed to be unsafe

In the event of a Full Scale Emergency which poses the highest level of risk to releasing students the school will respond as follows: 

  • students will not be permitted to leave the school grounds without first filling out a Student Release Form consisting of student’s name, grade, destination address, time, name and signature of person(s) accompanying student (if applicable)
  • the Student Release Form will be kept on file
  • the student may be released to his or her own care or the care of others, only when the community is deemed to be safe* and the student is considered not to be at risk
 * declaring the community safe during a Full Scale Emergency shall be done in consultation with Emergency Responders and the School Board Emergency Operations Centre (E.O.C.)

In each instance, students will not be released from the school unless it is deemed safe to do so.  

Please be advised that these Release Procedures have been developed with your child’s safety being the top priority.