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​Clubs 2022-2023

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Student Council:

Staff Sponsor:  Mrs. Knapp

This group works together to put on events for the Seycove student community. The group is run by a Student Executive Team and is open to all students. Student Council meets Tuesday Mornings  @8:30am in the Library. For more information please visit our Student Council site​
Message Mrs. Knapp​ to get added to the MSTeam.

Green Club (SEYSA):

Student Contact:

Staff Sponsor:  Ms. Narlock & Ms. Kadi

SEYSA is focused on making a positive environmental difference for Seycove and our surrounding communities.  Students talk about their own carbon footprints and ways to make a difference.  They work together on fundraiser and awareness campaigns, including specific projects to implement here at Seycove. This club is open to all students, grade 8-12 Fridays @lunch in Room 220.

Chess Club:

Student Contact: 

Staff Sponsor:  Ms. Brady

Open to all students, grade 8-12. Tuesdays & Thursdays @lunch in room 209. This club runs January to March.

Tabletop Games Club

Student Contact:  Charlie Ritchie & Owen Constantis Manzer

Staff Sponsor:  Mrs. Hall & Ms. Willemse

Love table top games such as Dungeons and Dragons, MTG and Warhammer? This is Club is for you!  Open to all students, grade 8-12.  Tuesdays & Fridays @lunch in the PLP Room.  

Gender Sexuality Alliance Club (GSA):

Co-Presidents:  Owen Constantis Manzer & Hana Inouye

Treasurer:  Keira Houlihan

Staff Sponsor:  Jody Mitchell

This club celebrates diversity and raising awareness around gender and sexual orientation.  Students discuss issues affecting their own lives and the club works on specific goals around inclusion and awareness projects like school-wide assemblies, information boards, resources for youth, gender neutral washrooms and advocacy.  

This club is open to all students, grade 8-12 and meets Wednesdays @lunch in Portable 27

Olympiad Math Club:

Student Contacts:  Randy Yang, Jonathan Hsiao

Staff Sponsor:  Mr. Macphail

The purpose of this club is to prepare for the Waterloo Challenge and other math competitions in Canada.  Meet Monday, Wednesday, Thursday an​d Friday at 8:30 in Mr. Macphail's room (259).

Poetry Club:

Student Contact:  Lily Maxwell

Staff Sponsor:  Ms. Rajan

Poetry Club meets weekly for the purpose of reading poetry together and participating in discussion on themes, symbolism and messages found in the poems.  Meet on Wednesdays at lunch in room 207.

Student Ambassadors:

Staff Sponsors:  Mr. Earl & Ms. Willems

​This group of students assist with visitors and new students to Seycove. Student Ambassadors enhance the experience of our International Students by helping them get to know the school and by hosting tours. Student Ambassadors will also be invited to volunteer at school events such as Parent-Teacher Interviews where they assist with directions and schedule questions. Students in this club will learn about other cultures while making new friends and global contacts. Message Ruby to get added to the MSTeam.