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Expectations for cellphone use in school:

Students are instructed to store their cellphones (personal digital devices) at home, either in their bags or in the designated pouches in the classroom. If a student needs to leave the classroom during class time, they must ensure their phone remains in the classroom. Phones may be used during break and lunchtime only. Seycove Secondary School has been taken deliberate steps this year to promote responsible technology use, enhance concentration, and foster well-being. This includes our collective endeavour to regulate smartphone usage in class. Like any behaviour change initiative, we've encountered both successes and challenges. During grade assemblies and in classrooms, our staff have stressed the significance of keeping cellphones out of sight, unless a teacher has granted explicit permission of if they are being used as an educational tool. This is a joint effort aimed at refining student focus, fostering better learning outcomes, and supporting mental health through clearly defined boundaries and positive examples. We kindly request that you reinforce this message at home as we close this academic year and prepare for the next. For further guidance, BC Children's Hospital offers a valuable resource for families. It serves as a starting point for discussions about the NVSD cellphone policy and a family's approach to safe and responsible technology use. You can find the resource "Keeping Tech in Check" on the Kelty Mental Health website.

Parental controls:

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