Seycove Secondary
North Vancouver School District


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Seycove PAC Executive 2021-2022

Co-Chairs: Samantha Barker (
Lindsay Witham (
Treasurer: Carla Cove      
DPAC Representative: Julia Wagner
Member at Large: Tiffany Britton
Secretary:  Jen Eyton

We are all invested in collaborating in continuing to create an amazing Seycove Community for every student and family with our Teachers, Support Staff, and Administration. We recognize that we are in an interesting time, each of you having unique challenges; our hope is to create a space for us to come together. As your PAC Executive we need and value your voice, your ideas, your engagement, your enthusiasm.

PAC is a venue for you to come and hear what is happening in and around your Seycove community.  We meet every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm.  Meetings take place in the Seycove Library, however meetings may take place via Zoom depending on Provincial Health Guidelines.

Our first meeting of the school year is Tuesday, Sept. 14th and we hope to see many of you there!

The PAC organizes fund raising which allows for equipment for the school, uniforms for sports, scholarships for the Grade 12 students, field trips.  Without PAC support many of these items would not be an option and we are always looking for input and assistance to increase funds for allowing the children to have more options.

Dates for the PAC meetings (7:00pm):

​May 10, 2022
(Via Zoom AND In-Person)
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Meeting ID:  873 3829 0083

Passcode: 267150
​April 12, 2022
(Via Zoom AND In-Person)
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Meeting ID: 852 9245 5620

Passcode: 328955
​March 8, 2022
(Via Zoom ONLY.  No in-person meeting)
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Meeting ID: 833 0591 5409

Passcode: 772951
​February 8, 2022
(Via Zoom ONLY.  No in-person meeting)

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Meeting ID: 825 5942 1300

Passcode: 544751
​January 11, 2022
(Via Zoom ONLY.  No in-person meeting)

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Meeting ID: 879 5777 1359

Passcode: 91333

​December 14, 2021​Join Zoom Meeting​​

Meeting ID: 854 5446 1408

Passcode: 182976

​November 9, 2021

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Meeting ID: 826 8227 2014

Passcode: 959385

​Oct. 12, 2021

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Meeting ID: 892 0362 7910

Passcode: 227610

September 14, 2021

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Meeting ID: 717 6275 0063

Passcode: 757298

​June 14, 2022