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Seycove Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Career Centre

Work Experience and Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities have been posted on Work Experience blog 

Please see Ms. Bramley for more information.


Work Experience course is an joint effort between community businesses and schools. At Seycove, students enrolled in the Work Experience course (4 credits) will complete 100 hours of work experience at jobsite that may help them with career decisions.

Students are given assistance in job placement opportunities that are relevant to them and their foucs area. Students further develop their resume and understand the importance of cover letters, thank you letters, work safety, employablility skills, interview skills, and decision-making process.

Students continue to examine their appropriate career paths. Self-employed, non-profit, or eligible include:
  • Hands-on work experience (business, government, self-employed, non-profit or volunteer organization)
  • Job shadowing a worker
  • Career Mentoring with a worker
  • Career simulation activities for occupations where hands-on work experience is not available (such as the Fire Fighters Career Day)

In most cases, work experience will consist of school-arranged, non-paid placements which sometimes lead to an apprenticeship. For further information, please contact Deb Bramley, Work Experience Facilitator at 604-903-3666 Ext 807909 or email