Seycove Secondary
North Vancouver School District
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​Ms. Z. Alam​English

Mr. C. Barnes

Band, Library

Ms. M. Brady
​Learning Support

​Mr. P. Cardle

​Socials Studies 8/9, Athletic Director

​Ms. S. Chen
​English 9/10
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​Mr. S. Clancy​Photo, Dig. Media, Film TV, Yearbook, Work Experience
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​Mr. R. Earl             
​International Counsellor ​
PE 8/9, Fitness 11/12

​Mr. E.​Math, Science, Physics
​Ms. A. Hamilton​Learning Support

​Mr. J. Hansell                   jhansell@sd44.caScience ​
​Mr. C. Harris​Drama, English, Social Studies
Click here​Mr. D. Harris​Math, Science
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​Ms. D. Herrera Dominguez​French, Spanish ​ ​

​Mr. B. Hughes       ​Library, PLP
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Ms. M. Langevin​            Music, Choir​, Drama
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​Mr. N. MacPhail
​Math 9/10/12
PreCalc 11
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Ms. E. Maxwell    

​Ms. L. McLean 
English 8/12 
Literary Studies 11
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​Ms. J. Mitchell​Choices

Mr. G. Muter                   ​gmuter@sd44.caWoodwork, Engineering
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Ms. M.​English 11
​Mr. N. Ottenbreit​PE 8/9, Science 9

Ms. M. Pye      ​Math 9, PE 8/9
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Ms. M. Reidmreid@sd44.caFoods, Textiles

​Mr. G. Russell 
​Law, History, SS 10,  BB Academy
Ms Ronsano's Homework Pages 2021-2022​Ms. M Ronsano​Careers, French, Work Experience

​Mr. A. Thomas

Science 10/11/12

​Dr. L. Welch          
Chemistry, Math, & Calculus ​

​Ms. P. Willemse     ​PLP
​CLC12 Tutorial Times: 
Semester 1: Block 2 morning tutorial times; Blocks 3 and 4 at lunch by appointment.  Semester 2: morning tutorial times;  Blocks 5 and 6 by appointment

​Ms. A. Yeo ​​​Social Justice, FN Support, Psychology, Health & Career.
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Mr. R. Yipryip@sd44.caPE 10, SS 10, Distributed Learning, Fitness 11/12
Work Experience BlogMrs. J. Knapp (Facilitator)
Work Experience