Seycove Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Supplemental Fees Rationale
Art Courses
The fees in the Art courses essentially buy additional supplies and materials that would not be available without the additional funds. Those supplies are by and large the same supplies that would be available without the fees but there are more supplies and they are of better quality. This provides for a much more varied, broader experience in the Art courses.
Without the fees, students would be exposed to many fewer opportunities with a much more restricted access to artistic supplies.
Realistically, we would not be able to run a Photography course without student fees. The supplies that are required to physically go through the darkroom process of printing pictures needs very expensive supplies (film, developing chemicals, photo paper, construction paper, matte board). Without the fees students would receive a much more theoretical course with very limited opportunity to actually produce their photos.
Theatre Performance
Fees in these courses are used to provide a much more “professional” experience for the students. With them they receive exposure to professional choreographers and musical directors. Without fees students would use CD’s for musical support and have no exposure to choreographic support. The revenue generated by performances helps offset the true cost of running these courses.
Food Studies
Fees in this course supplement/enhance the core curriculum. The Prescribed Learning Outcomes of the Foods curriculum can be met by demonstration alone. These fees enable students to participate in additional labs, thus enhancing the active learning environment. Better quality food products are also purchased with these funds to enhance/save time for students in lab situations (eg: boneless chicken breasts vs. bone & skin on chicken thighs).
Fees in music courses provide modern sheet music, folders and CD’s that the students would get to keep. Without the fees students would be exposed to older, less costly music that would need to be recycled; they would not be able to keep these supplies. The Music Department sells copies of their own CD’s to offset supplementary fees. Sheet music is a major expense for the programme because of copyright laws; all music must be purchased and may not be photocopied.
Fees in textiles are used to purchase patterns, fabrics, thread, and other supplies that students need to enhance the regular programme. A wider variety of patterns and notions are used to allow students the opportunity to explore techniques and styles that would not be taught if a supplementary fee was not collected.
Tech Ed
Fees in the Tech Ed courses provide the opportunity to produce larger, more significant projects that the students get to keep. Without fees, students would be exposed to the processes of Tech Ed with limited opportunities to build larger projects and limited opportunity to take projects home.
Physical Education
Fees allow students to participate in a wider variety of activities and activities that happen away from the school. Field trips and guest speakers that enhance the curriculum and model active living would not occur with charging a supplementary fee. A fee gives students exposure to activities that could/would not normally be available.