Seycove Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Awards & Recognition Program


Seycove Recognition



Subject Recognition

Subject Certificates are given to students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement, attitude, effort and/or participation in a subject area. Students recognized have not necessarily obtained the highest mark for the grade in the particular subject area, however they combine academic excellence with a superior approach to learning. 


Teachers will present Subject Certificates to students in their respective classrooms at the end of each Semester. 


Subject Certificates celebrate outstanding learning in the areas of:

  • Excellence in a specific subject or discipline
  • Thinking, Habits of Learning
  • Turn around/persistence/resilience
  • Leadership/Inspiration/Citizenship


Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Certificate (Gr. 10 – 11)

Top 5% of students in Grade 10 and Grade 11, based on all Seycove Courses

Students will receive certificates during opening assemblies during the first week of school the following school year.


Seycove Service Certificates

Seycove students value giving back to their school through various forms of service, activities, and events.  Seycove Service Awards will be distributed in June.  Service forms are available in the office.  Please submit your Service forms annually to the Vice-Principal in May.   Recognition is given to students achieving the following hours over the course of their entire time at Seycove (hours are cumulative):


50-99 hours              Bronze Service Medal

100-199 hours         Silver Service Medal

200-299 hours         Gold Service Medal

300-399 hours         Outstanding Service Plaque

400+ hours               Seyhawk Service Plaque


Seycove Athletics

Team Recognition – determined by team coaches, awarded at the end of season of play.

North Shore All Stars - team selection recognition determined through coaches and published North Shore News. 


Seycove Seyhawk Award


On average, the Seyhawk Awards recognize about 6-12 students in each grade who have been identified by Seycove staff who meet the guidelines of an Educated Citizen (below) and recommend, as a group, students to receive this award.  Seyhawk Awards will be distributed during our End of Year Celebration Assembly.

Educated Citizen – as defined by the British Columbia Ministry of Education and Child Care:

  • thoughtful, able to learn and to think critically, and who can communicate information from a broad knowledge base;
  • creative, flexible, self-motivated and who have a positive self-image;
  • capable of making independent decisions;
  • skilled and who can contribute to society generally, including the world of work;
  • productive, who gain satisfaction through achievement and who strive for physical well-being;
  • cooperative, principled and respectful of others regardless of differences;
  • aware of the rights and prepared to exercise the responsibilities of an individual within the family, the community, Canada, and the world.