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Provincial Assessment Information

2020/2021 Grade 10 Numeracy and Literacy Assessments

The new BC Graduation Program requires all grade 10-12 students to write the following Graduation Assessments:

These assessments are mandatory for graduation. Therefore, students will write their Numeracy 10 and Literacy 10 Assessments this year at Seycove as listed below:

schedule 2020.png

The purpose of these assessments is to measure the extent to which students are literate and numerate and to provide students with information about their proficiency. Overall, the new provincial graduation assessments require students to apply their numeracy and literacy skills in realistic contexts. Rather than assess specific course curricula, the graduation assessments measure the application of numeracy and literacy skills to realistic situations, requiring students to employ the knowledge and skills considered to be essential for future success. The graduation assessments look at students' ability to apply their knowledge and skills and to analyze, reason, and communicate effectively as they examine, interpret, and solve problems. Graduation assessments also emphasize the importance of the context in which students should be able to use their skills (e.g., home, employment, society) (BC Ministry of Education).

The following policies are associated with the new Graduation Assessments:

    • Assessments are required for graduation.
    • Assessments are cross-curricular and stand-alone (not tied to a specific course).
    • Students are expected to take the Grade 10 Graduation Numeracy Assessment in their Grade 10 year.
    • Students are expected to take the Grade 10 Graduation Literacy Assessment in their Grade 10 year.
    • Students are expected to take the Grade 12 Graduation Literacy Assessment in their Grade 12 year. This has been postponed to 2021/22.
    • Students must complete all 3 assessments (Literacy 10, Numeracy 10, Literacy 12) for graduation. Students have up to three opportunities to write the assessments: an initial write (required) and up to two rewrites (optional).
    • Assessments are scored on a proficiency scale.
    • The student's best outcome for each of the Provincial Graduation Assessments will be recorded on their final transcript (BC Ministry of Education).

What do I need to know for Assessment day ?

Students must aim to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of their scheduled exam session. There is no extra time if students are late. The sessions are scheduled to start at either 8:30 am or 12:30 pm. The exams are two hours long with up to an extra hour if needed. Details of the session and venue can be found on the notice board outside the main office. Ensure that you are familiar with the calculator policy and have the correct calculator. If in doubt, check with math teachers in our building.

Student Instructions for prepping for exam day.pdf


What do the Assessments Entail ?

Grade 10 Numeracy Assessment

Numeracy Assessment Q and A.pdf

To try print samples of the assessment:

Please continue to review the school calendar and this page for information (time, location, etc.) with regards to assessment times when they are being administered. The Examination Rules largely follow guidelines established by the Examination Branch of the Ministry of Education. They are in place at Seycove to maintain the integrity of exam results and the validity of the exam process.

The Ministry of Education provides online access to student data through its student secure website  

Students must create an account which requires their Personal Education Number (PEN) which can be found on their report card.