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Provincial Exam Information

Comprehensive information regarding Provincial Exams and Assessments can be found at:

Grade 10 Literacy Assessment - January 21st, 2020

Literacy 10 Assessment- what to expect.pdf

Literacy 10 assessment Jan 2020- message to parents.pdf

Student Instructions for prepping for exam day.pdf

Literacy 10 Assessment Q and A.pdf

Students must aim to arrive 20 minutes before the start of their scheduled exam session. There is no extra time if students are late. The sessions are scheduled to start at either 8:30 am or 12:30 pm. The exams are two hours long with up to an extra hour if needed.

Details of the session and venue can be found on the notice board outside the main office.

For more details of the format of Literacy 10 Assessment visit:

To try a sample Literacy 10 exam online visit:

Grade 10 Numeracy Assessment – sign up by Feb. 10th.

Grade 11 and 12 students who have never written or wish to rewrite the Numeracy 10 Graduation Assessment must sign up by Monday, February 10th with Ms Eyton. All Grade 10s will automatically be signed up for the Numeracy Assessment. The date to write the Numeracy 10 assessment is in April (TBD).  Writing the Numeracy 10 Assessment is a Graduation Requirement.  If students are not sure if they wrote or what mark they got they must sign in to their BCeID account and check their transcript.

Numeracy Assessment Q and A.pdf

Provincial Graduation Assessment Information for 2019/2020

Graduation assessments are changing to align with the new curriculum. As part of the updated graduation requirements, students in the B.C. Graduation Program will have to complete three provincial assessments. They will focus on the demonstration and application of numeracy and literacy.

Which Assessment do I need to complete explains what Graduation Assessments your child will need to write based on the grade your child is currently in.

Please review the following information carefully regarding change in how provincial assessments for Grade 10-12 students have changed.

What Graduation Assessments will your child need to write based on the grade your child is currently in?

Graduation Assessment Requirements Table

What to expect for 2019-2020:

  • All grade 10 students at Seycove will write the Literacy 10 Graduation Assessment on January 21st, 2020.
  • All grade 10 students at Seycove will write the Numeracy 10 Graduation Assessment during the week of April 14th to 20th (date to be determined)
  • Any Grade 11s or 12s who have not previously written the Numeracy 10 exam must let their counselor know by January 31st, 2020. Completing the Numeracy 10 assessment is a graduation requirement for the current Grade 12s.
  • The current Grade 12s are not expected to write the Literacy 10, Literacy 12 or Language Arts 12 assessment.
  • Note - the Ministry of Education has no assessment sittings in June or August anymore. Grade 10 students wishing to rewrite either Numeracy 10 or Literacy 10 assessment will need to do so in their grade 11 or 12 year.

Please continue to review the school calendar and this page for information (time, location, etc.) with regards to assessments times when they are being administered.

The Examination Rules largely follow guidelines established by the Examination Branch of the Ministry of Education. They are in place at Seycove to maintain the integrity of exam results and the validity of the exam process.

​The Ministry of Education provides online access to student data through its student secure website  

Students must create an account which requires their Personal Education Number (PEN) which can be found on their report card.