Seycove Secondary
North Vancouver School District
School Plan

Seycove – How effective and great are we as a school?

We are look for key attributes to identified an effective and great school:

  • A clear, focused vision for student engagement and learning
  • A safe and orderly environment – respect for adult and student diversity & strong sense of community and collective responsibility
  • A climate of high expectations for success and high levels of student achievement
  • Instructional leadership comprising of a culture of teamwork and collaboration
  • Frequent monitoring of student progress – strong systemic structures to monitor and review data
  • Strong home-school relations – ongoing communication of student learning

*Survey of Effective Schools will be given to staff, students and parents

Step 1 – Coherence Making (September Staff meeting)

  • Shifting the Right Drivers
  • What would you change? What are the obstacles?
  • Quote Walkabout Protocol

Step 2 – Focusing Direction (October, November, December Staff meeting)

  • Coherence Framework Assessment Protocol
  • Quick Write Protocol: What is my moral purpose? What actions do I take to realize this moral purpose? How do I help others clarify their moral purpose? Am I making progress in realizing my moral purpose with students?
  • Video and Slide the Line Protocol
  • Reduce, Reframe, Remove Protocol

Step 3 – Cultivating Collaborative Culture (January, February Staff meeting)

  • Shifting practice - Concept Attainment
  • Growth mind-set knowledge 
  • Read, Record, Retell, Relate and Reflect protocol 

Step 4 – Deepening Learning (March, April Staff meeting)

  • Through the looking glass 
  • Shifting Instructional practices / Instructional Coherence 

Step 5 – Securing Accountability (May, June Staff meeting)

  • Internal/External 

Documenting the processplease see the activities and events that we have been focusing on this year: