Seycove Secondary
North Vancouver School District
School Plan

Seycove Secondary School Plan

It's All About Engagement

Mission Statement

The Seycove community strives to engage its members in opportunities for collaborative innovation and learning, to build and maintain purposeful connections and relationships, and to create a safe environment in which to develop citizens of integrity.


Over the past few years Seycove has spent a great deal of time connecting to the world outside of school with the intention of having what happens in the school better reflect the world that our students will enter in to, while maintaining connections to the practices and culture that make Seycove unique and strong.



Seycove has developed school goals based on data collected from the Our School survey; given to students yearly since the 2013/2014 school year. 

Students are asked questions related to the strengths, and areas of growth for the school. Open ended questions include:

  • What makes Seycove unique and special? What could we do or offer to make us more unique and special?
  • How is Seycove preparing you for life? Give examples of how we are preparing you? Tell us how we could better prepare you.


Goal AreaStrategiesMeasuresTime FrameEvidence

- Project-based learning opportunities (Arranging for Buck Institute PBL trainers to come to North Vancouver)

- District supports (website, workshops)

- Co-teaching and collaboration

Competencies become a target of lessons and unit planning


Jan-June 2017

Sept-June 2018

- Teachers are using the language around competencies within the classroom and while communicating student learning

- Students are able to speak of the competencies and indicate their growth in these areas


  • Engagement time (scheduled time weekly for passion activities/flex time)
  • Course selections/offerings for 2018/2019


- Engagement indicators from Our Schools Survey

- Students better prepared for classes

-Student survey for course selections (Fall 2017)

Jan-June 2017

Sept-June 2018

- Staff reporting of connection to students

- Student attendance/ participation during engagement time

- 2018/2019 course offerings based on student survey


Diversity - Support for teachers, students


- Ensuring consistent use of teaching to diversity checklist

- Providing pro-d on specifics of how to differentiate in a classroom, less theory, more concrete

- Continue to develop processes with the SBRT and staff

- Altering current model of special needs classes

- Better adherence to protocols and preparation for SBRT meetings



  •  Data from SBRT meetings
  • Data from Our School Survey
Sept-June 2018
  • Use of teaching to diversity checklist
  • Decrease in SBRT referral for LAC/Choices