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Winter Greenery Orders

December 06, 2022
Winter greenery orders will be delivered on Thursday, Dec 8th.  Please pick up your plants before the weekend on Thursday or Friday from the cafeteria as they will not get watered over the weekend.  Thanks to everyone for supporting Seycove's Social Justice programs.​

Candy grams

December 06, 2022
All students grades 8-12.  Candy grams will be on sale Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week only via Grad Council's snack shop.  If you'd like to send a candy gram to a special someone, please find a grad council member to  make your purchase and send your sweet message.  Candy grams will be...

Gingerbread House Competition

December 02, 2022
Seycove's annual gingerbread house competition will be Wednesday, December 14th at lunch in the Foods room.  If you are NOT currently enrolled in a Foods class and would like to participate, please talk to Ms. Reid or Ms. Pitches ASAP.​

Period 1 Collection Challenge

November 22, 2022
We are challenging each Period 1 class to bring in food donations for the Harvest Project.  The class who collects the most items will win a very special class reward!  So start gathering items at home or putting them on your shopping list.  Let's get generous Seycove!​ Last day for donations is...