École Windsor Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Cell Phones & Electronic Devices

While it is true that electronic devices have their place in education and can be beneficial to learning in classrooms at Windsor, electronic devices can also be a significant disruption to the learning environment when not used responsibly. Each day instructional time is lost due to cell phone use (e.g. talking, texting, games, etc.) and the use of other electronic devices. Issues of academic dishonesty have arisen with the evolution of technology. Moreover, devices with photo or recording capabilities can pose significant safety and legal issues for students and the general school community.  Therefore, Windsor has developed the following policy to regulate the use of this equipment at Windsor. 

Acceptable Electronics Use

  • Before and after school instructional time.
  • During morning and lunch breaks.
  • During class with explicit teacher permission to help meet course learning outcomes. Permission must be obtained prior to use.
  • In case of emergency when consistent with staff instructions and directions.
  • Students must follow the NVSD Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement and abide by District Policy 302: Student Conduct

Staff Process for handling confiscated devices:

Staff may confiscate electronic devices when used in contravention of stated classroom expectations. The teacher must, however, keep the confiscated electronic device in a secured place until its return to the student. Confiscated devices must be returned to their owner by the end of the same school day during which it was confiscated. If a student is belligerent or refuses to surrender their electronic device, or if the student is a repeat offender, the teacher may refer the offending student to an administrator with their device.