École Windsor Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Wireless Access

Wireless Access on Personal Electronic Devices

To enhance the education of its students, the North Vancouver School District provides students access to its wireless network and the option of utilizing personally-owned devices. Secure wireless access is now available – use your computer login username and password to log into the 8021X wireless network. Any staff member with computer access can give provide your username and password. When using the District Wireless, students must comply with all District usage policies as promised when signing the Student Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement

The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that students and their parents recognize the limitations that the School District imposes on the use of personally-owned devices. These guidelines are supplement to the North Vancouver School District Policy 609: Communication Systems and Policy 302: Student Conduct, the School Code of Conduct and the Student Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement. In addition to the aforementioned general rules of technology, the following guidelines and policies apply to the use of all laptop computers and all other mobile internet devices in association with the school wireless network: 
  • The North Vancouver School District or Windsor Secondary will not be held responsible in any capacity for physical damage, loss or theft of any personally owned device.

  • Student use of personally owned devices in the classroom will be at the discretion of the classroom teacher – students must ask prior to usage. Student use of a personally owned device must support the instructional activities currently occurring in the classroom.

  • Students should be aware that the use of mobile devices could cause distraction for others in the classroom, especially in regards to audio. Therefore, audio must be muted.

  • Student devices with camera and video capability must not be used to impinge upon the privacy of students and staff without their prior consent.

  • The School District and school reserves the right to request an inspection, at any time, of any personally owned devices.
  • The School District and school will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of connecting to the Guest wireless network or any electrical power source.

  • The parents and/or guardians of any student bringing personal technology to school are responsible for and will reimburse the School District for any damage that their child may cause through the use of the Guest wireless network with his/her personally owned device.

Student Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement

Windsor and the North Vancouver School District provide Computer and Internet access to support student learning. In order for students to have access to computers and the internet at school, both parents and students must 'electronically' sign the STUDENT ACCEPTABLE USE OF TECHNOLOGY AGREEMENT online.

To complete this form, parents will need to register for a School Cash Online account. This secured web platform is already used by the North Vancouver School District to collect school fees online and is now also being used for online permission forms. Signing up for an account is very easy.  To register, you will need your child's student number.

Login to an existing School CashOnline account or register for a new account to complete the form.