École Windsor Secondary
North Vancouver School District
French Immersion
French Immersion is a French-language learning program available at Windsor Secondary. It is designed for non-French-speaking students who wish to attain a high level of proficiency in both official languages. Students enrolled in the secondary French Immersion program come from both early and late French Immersion elementary programs.

The goal of the North Vancouver School District's French Immersion Program is to produce well-educated, functionally bilingual students.  Students in the program achieve a level of learning in all subject areas equivalent to that achieved by students in the English program.

French Immersion students develop strong communication skills in both French and English. They also develop a knowledge and understanding about the structure of language that may enable them to learn other languages more easily.

For French Immersion students to obtain their bilingual Dogwood diploma at Windsor Secondary, they must successfully complete the following courses:

In grade 8, students take four out of their eight classes in French:

  • Sciences naturelles 8
  • Sciences humaines 8
  • Français langue 8
  • Éducation physique et santé 8

In grade 9, students have three required courses, with one choice:

  • Sciences humaines 9
  • Français langue 9
  • Éducation artistique 9
  • Sciences naturelles 9 (French or English)​​*
    ​*Only 30 spots availabe in French

​In grade 10, students take three courses in French:

  • Sciences humaines 10
  • Français langue 10
  • Éducation au choix de carrière et vie 10*

​*If student chooses to take Careers 10 in English, they will be required to complete Langue et culture de la francophonie 12, when offered.

In grade 11, students take at least two courses in French
  • Explorations en sciences humaines et sociales 11 (required)
  • Cinéma et littérature francophones 11 (required)
  • Langue et culture de la francophonie 12 (optional; offered 2024-25)*

In grade 12, students take at least one course in French:
  • Français langue 12 (required)
  • Langue et culture de la francophonie 12 (optional; offered 2024-25)*