École Windsor Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Athletic Awards
Athletic Points and Awards
At the end of each school year, proficiency and contribution in the field of interscholastic athletics is recognized in the form of athletic awards. The criteria for determining point distribution are outlined below. At the end of each sport season, Windsor Athletic Points are awarded to athletes that participate on a school team. These Athletic Points are included in the criteria for nominating Athletes of the Year at various grade levels and as criteria for selecting Athletic Participation Awards.
Athletic Certificates, Medals & Plaques shall be awarded to student athletes who accumulate the corresponding point totals in their athletic career at Windsor.
Certificate                25-49 Points              Bronze Plaque                      125-149 Points
Bronze Medal          50-74 Points              Silver Plaque                        150-174 Points
Silver Medal             75-99 Points             Gold Plaque                           175-199 Points
Gold Meda           100-124 Points             Athletic Directors Plaque          200+ Points

The criteria for Outstanding Athlete, or ‘Athlete of the Year’ awards are as follows:
a)   Students in grade 8, 9, 10 must participate in 3 or more sports
b)   Students in grade 11, 12 must participate in 2 or more sports
c)   Students with the highest total of athletic points shall be recipients of the award
d)   Two students from each grade, one from each gender will be designated recipients
e)   Where multiple student athletes have similar scores, the winner shall be determined by the Athletic Coordinator in consultation
       with teacher coaches and PE instructors familiar with the athletes in question.