École Windsor Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Roadie Club

The Roadie Club is Windsor's volunteer technical crew. They are the people who make events at Windsor look and sound great.
Roadie Club members learn how to set up and operate sound mixer boards, speakers, microphones, lighting dimmer boards, amplifiers, drum-kits, projectors and much more.
To hone their skills, Roadie Club members work alongside Performing Arts staff as well as local sound and light. Some students choose to get highly involved in the technical side of productions, while others prefer to do the hands on work of moving equipment on and off stage. It's totally up to how each student chooses to be involved and everyone is welcome. There is no specific meeting time - they just get together when a gig is coming.
Look for the Roadie Club on Facebook, and at events around the school - members will be wearing the signature Roadie Club t-shirt. For more information, contact Mme Bertrand.